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happy mummy Posts: 424
A good few family members (and close friends) have asked us what we would like them to buy for baby. We have the cot (present from my parents) the travel system, moses basket, steriliser and bottles (present from close friends) and changing table and chest of drawers for babs room which is being bought in the sales by my sister. SIL is giving a loan of a gliding crib, other SIL is buying some kind of chair to put baby in (don't ask me what one, she picked it out herself) But now other people are asking what we still need to get. I know we need things like a baby monitor, nursing chair, eventually will need a high chair. But I don't want to ASK for these things as they're on the expensive side IYKWIM. Can you girls think of anything I could ask for as obviously people will want to be picking things up in the sales. The baby's Godfather told me to send him a list of things but I can't think of anything other than the things I named above! Please help!!
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
You seem to have thought of most things. The baby would use a play mat gym from about 6wks - they are reasonable price wise. You may also be interested in getting an mobile for the crib/cot - but you could leave this for a few months. Everyone seems to recommend the Jumperoo - a bouncy play thing you can sit them into from about 5 months. I have 2 chairs for the baby one is a regular baby seat and the other is a swing type chair that plays music etc. But a second is not really necessary. The cost of the monitors depends on what you go for - but the angel care monitors are popular and they cost €80 to €100. Then there are things like the lodger bunker, a sling, the slumber bear etc - but really not necessary, and certainly not initially. A nappy bin is useful, as are sheets for moses basket/crib/cot, cellular blankets. You may also need a travel cot.
almighty angel Posts: 281
One of my friends asked and I suggested an in-ear thermometer. It will definitely come in useful and doesn't take up much space.
happy mummy Posts: 424
Thanks Bonnie Parker and Almighty Angel! They are some GREAT suggestions! I've made a list and will have a quick look online to get guide prices so I'll know I'm not asking people to spend a fortune!! Thanks a million, this baby brain makes it really hard to think properly at times! :duh:
HappyMe Posts: 727
Other things that I found great were the gro egg which shows you how hot or cold the room is, baby bath, baby towels, bath thermometer, changing mat. Obviously most of these bar the bath and mat are nice to haves rather than essentials. Also if people are buying clothes try to steer them towards getting clothes at least 3-6 months. My girls were both big babies (8.5 and 9.5 pounds) and barely got a month out of 0/3 month clothes. Still getting newborn and 0/3 month clothed and baba a month now and won't fit any of them - such a waste as I can't change most of them.
happy mummy Posts: 424
Thanks Happy Me! Will make a note of those items too! I've mentioned to some people that I definitely don't want any newborn clothes, they don't last and I will have as many as I need myself by the time the baby gets here. As for the next sizes up, I don't mind what sizes I get as I'd say I'm going to have a fairly small baby - carrying very small and both hubby and I were very small when we were born , plus babs is measuring as slightly underweight at my scans so I'd say 0-3 might last that bit longer than for most. That being said, ya never know! I might end up eating my words :o0 If I'm buying a gift of baby clothes I normally buy 3-6 months, or bigger even! Better to buy too big than too small sure, I'd hate to think that the baby I'm buying for wouldn't get use out of the clothes ya know! Thanks again :)
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
hi you could always ask people to give you vouchers for the likes of Smyths and then you buy what you want :wv