Gina Ford weaning guide: Question

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Lady Mama Posts: 162
Our lo has been on solids for nearly a month now & we're following gina ford's weaning guide. We've now finished the early weaning plan & moving on to the 5-6 month plan. She says to start giving breakfast now but ds isn't a huge grubber in the mornings, he only takes around 3-5oz's of formula @7am so should I try him with some breakfast or leave it till he looks for it?
the moms Posts: 1427
I'd leave it till he looks for it. I think she says somewhere to wait until they start showing signs, like getting hungry early for lunch. My DS had no interest in breakfast for a good while. It was tiny for ages but he's making up for it now! Is he still having a late feed? Might be hungrier in the mornings once that's gone. :wv
Lady Mama Posts: 162
Thanks themoms. He's still having a dreamfeed (he loves this bottle), since last week I've cut it down to 5oz's so going to reduce it again this week & hopefully it'll be finished with soon.