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einstein Posts: 485
Hi girlies, Do you know if its possible to get Gina shoes in New York? Im looking to get a pair called "Naomi" I know Brown Thomas have a sale now and again but do all the Gina shoes get reduced or just the select few? Thanks for your help
alanna Posts: 58
Hi Im looking for those aswell , what colour are you getting? I was looking at the champagne coloured ones. You'll defo get them in new york - you can also get them online slightly cheaper if you google gina naomi
einstein Posts: 485
Thanks, I'll have a look online now. Any ideas where in NY I could get them. Heading in 4 weeks and would love to get them there. The gina website doesnt mention their stockists..... They're a fab pair of shoes, Im thinking the Champagne colour or I think its called pearl.
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
Brown Thomas do have great sales but unforunately they only reduce a select few of the Gina Shoes!!!
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
Hey girlies, I wanted those for my bridesmaids too, but obviously wasn't prepared to spend €590 each on a pair for them so I go knock offs. I know most of the Gina knock offs aren't great but the ones I got are IDENTICAL. They're by a company called Moda In Pelle, the shoe is called Tamarah and I bought them in Fran & Jane in the Westbury Centre for €139 a pair. They stock them in gold and silver, I got silver cause my bm dresses are champagne. You can see them on this website: [url:1c2biwos][/url:1c2biwos]
Angel* Posts: 625
Wow Bree they are really beautiful!
alanna Posts: 58
wow ...they are exact match thats brilliant! Pity they dont them in the champagne colour - i dont think silver would really go with my dress its very ivory ..
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
Bree i got those aswell and brought them in to Brown Thomas and love them. They are gorgeous :o)ll
Anonymous Posts: 24542
The gina shoes web site had a sale on a few weeks ago, great discounts, the shoes were cheaper than BT. Have a search through previous wol mails for details.
Heebie Jeebies Posts: 608
I'm wearing Gina 'Tatianna' for my wedding - the colour is called 'platinum' but it's actually a silvery/gold which sounds mad I know, but it's actually possible to wear them with either silver or gold dress/accessories/etc! And oh my god they are BLING, I love them :o)ll I bought them on the Gina website as a little treat to self (back in April when SSIA rolled in) as BTs Dublin/Cork/Galway/Dublin didn't have the style I wanted. It actually works out MORE expensive to buy on-line as you have to pay postage & packaging etc. Mine worked out at EUR528 in total. Some people say it's ridiculous spending so much money on shoes but each to their own and I think they're worth it. I'll get tons of wear out of them, unlike satin bridal shoes whcih cost 150eur - 200eur.