Ginger on sunbeds!!

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MCD Posts: 63
Hi all, Just wondering if there are any other flame haired goddess' out there who are quite pale. I look ridiculous with fake tan and was thinking of going on the sunbeds to bronze up a bit. Note: I NEVER get a tan on two week hols :o( Would love some advice, I know the risks and its just a one off for the wedding
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I would ask a professional at a beauty centre that do tanning what they would recommend for you sun bed wise. I am blonde but am very fair and I go on the sunbeds before I go on holidays (cause I burn if not) and they give me a special cream to put on my skin before I use them.
Brideyz Posts: 380
I am fair skinned - I freckle, go red and then back to pale in the sun. I have to say that sunbeds have never really worked for me. First off, when I come out, I have those horrible greeny freckles straight away after. I've had a terrible experience where I got badly burnt on a stand up sunbed and plenty of experience of coming out as white as I went in. In the past, I've done 10 sunbed sessions before going away you wouldn't never know it to look at me, but I do get a better colour in the sun following the sunbed sessions. I tend just to get extra freckles to be honest.
Little Kitty Posts: 914
Hi Feathers1 If I'm honest I wouldn't go on the sunbeds if I were you. If you don't tan on hols (do you burn easily?) and you are a typical red head with fair skin then the likely possibility is you will burn on a bed and trust me I've seen it happen as I've worked in beauty salons in the past. Have you tried the tinted body lotions like johnstons or Dove? I can only imagine you have great skin so I'm wondering why you would want to put tan over it. I look ate Nicole Kidman and get jealous!!!
cheesy Posts: 100
im a ginger and have always understood that red haired people had low levels of melanin in their skin and would therefor only burn and be unable to tan? I spent 6 months in australia (where there is lots of sun and no ozone layer!) and my skin color didnt even change remotely (except when it went red then blistered then back to white)! Id imagine that If you have totally RED RED hair (like me) that going on a sunbed wouldnt be advisable - or that you would be let!!! but Im open to correction Would you try the holiday skins - a bit more subtle on white skin like ours than something like St. tropez.......
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
Im ginger too but I have no freckles. I tan lightly if I wear say factor 7 here during summer. I went on a sunbed once and I got a good colour, I'm wondering the same thing about going on a sunbed for the wedding too. Fake tan looks like muck on me! Best advice is go to a beauty salon. They should be able to advise you whether or not your skin will brown or burn. Probably best to go on them aswell for a couple of minutes at a time. Good Luck :wv
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Another ginger here, I tried the sunbed years ago, all I got was freckles! Wouldn’t use it now though, I think they are not good for you. I don’t tan, only go red and then back to white. I have to wear a high factor in the summer or I would French fry. I wear the lacome flash bronzer and I find it great. I just put on a light layer and it looks good ! Don’t know if that is any good to you!
dec07 evey Posts: 276
I have red hair as well and when i done the sunbeds for my sisters wedding i did not get much of a colour.The last visit i had to it, i burned and was in agony.There is nothing wrong in being pale and i think the sunbeds are just not worth it. *)