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justme Posts: 1700
[quote="Bugsie":4d1bjaro]yeah prob but i may decide to chicken out on the day... hope i'll be able too[/quote:4d1bjaro] Bugsie, 16 day! You must be so excited
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
[quote="bridemay08":2ujix5n0]Hi girls, Just wondering is many of you saying a speech, Im thinking of saying a few words is this strange?[/quote:2ujix5n0] its a great idea i made one and it went down really well. i printed it here in wedding reports section if its any use to you good luck with it you wont regret it
angel1 Posts: 62
Hi girls yes I'm going to try and make a speech also thank everyone etc.. etc.. might give a little story on how we met.. and then finish with giving the hampers that I made myself to the mums.
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
gerbil Posts: 3528
I'm saying one :) a short one mind you, but defo saying one ....they can't shut me up at the best of times, people would be stunned if I managed to keep the gob shut :o0
Gabby Posts: 2873
no its not strange at all. I decided I might want to make one so I wrote a few words down and said I would wait untilt he day and see how I was. I was afraid I would be too emotional after all of the other speeches but the BM ended his speech on such a funny note that I was grand and stood up and said my few words. Am glad I did now.
Angel! Posts: 1494
Hi there, I did a surprise speech at my wedding and it was so worth it. Only the Best Man knew I was going to do it. Hubby's face was priceless and he got really emotional again !! So many people came up to me afterwards and complemented me on the speech. I was delighted. I did a bit at the end in Afrikaans, for my hubby (his first language) and for all our friends who had come from SA, and our SA friends here. Everyone loved it and hubby was so impressed. he cried his little eyes out.... :xox
edit Posts: 982
Angel! Posts: 1494
I wrote mine the week of the wedding. It wasn't too long and really came from the heart. I also wrote a letter to hubby the night before the wedding, and got the Best Man to deliver it to him (with my gift for him) on the morning of the wedding.... Am welling up here now thinking of my speech. It's amazing, the weeks coming up to the wedding, I couldn't think about what I was going to say in the speech cause I started to cry. While writing it, I was bawling. But on the day, my voice didn't even waver. I was just so happy and in love with my new hubby, I got a strength from somewhere !!!! :weep
fanalugi Posts: 86
Its a personal choice.... I don't get on particularly well with my mother, so when I was deliberating over making a speech, H2B suggested leaving well enough alone, as I can't lie to save myself!! I just couldnt get up infront of everyone and gush about how wonderful my mother is...I would be a complete fraud!