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Bright Star Posts: 756
Hey Girls, I was actually thinking of doing a bit of the speech--i have never hear the bride give one before and so i would like to be a bit different..aside from that i have no probs speaking in public and am very outgoing...i mentioned this to my H2B last night and now he has said that he would prefer if i didnt give one as he is afraid i will out do him on the this normal or is he just over reacting---??I dont want to upset anyone either.. :lvs
Angel! Posts: 1494
Hey, Becuase my Hubby didn't know about it, he couldn't tell me not to. But afterwards, he was a bit down on himself cause he thought he messed up his speech. And he didn't say anything, but I guess he might have felt it a bit that so many people complemented me on mine. But then, after the honeymoon when he was chatting to his mates again, they all said his was great and not one of them slagged him (that's what he was afraid of), so he was grand then... I'd say if you want to do one really badly, tell your H2B. But if you're not really fussed about doing one, and you know he'll feel under pressure about his, then let him have the mic and you just sit back and enjoy listening to him saying how beautiful you are... :wv
hannahross Posts: 318
I made a small one at ours as I wanted to thank some people personally especially those who had come from Australia .I hadn't written anything so it was all off the top of my head and everyone said it was lovely.
fanalugi Posts: 86
Hi HannaRoss, I have friends coming from australia too.... I wanted to thank them, but felt I would have to make a politically correct speech and thank my family too.... did you do this? or just mention the australians?
hannahross Posts: 318
I mentioned everyone family etc but then said I really appreciated the fact that my friends from Aus had made the effort to come all this way etc etc........
Betsy May Posts: 2168
I am hoping to do one - I will have it prepared and see how I feel on the day. If I do it, it will be before the meal (want it out of the way) during the reception. I figure after the emotion of the church, a speech will seem easy.