girls I need your help please (from a tcc'er)

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babs76 Posts: 1000
Girls – I really need your help on this one...its a long one but i hope you will read it - I've also posted this on ttc Its been nearly 8 weeks since my miscarriage - I have a short luteal phase and its taken me weeks to convince my doctor that this is the case (she brushed me off when i first told her So I’m now in the middle of getting my bloods done. Usually when i get a smiley face on the OPK i get a thermal shift the following day or the day after that.....this month though, i got the smiley face last Sunday and have been having EWCM since then but my temperature is very slow to rise and Fertility Friend still hasn’t detected my ovulation day My temp seems to be rising but it’s slow and that’s strange (so bloody typical that this happens the very month that i need to get my bloods done ) as normally its an obvious shift. Worst thing is that i had to get up with DD last night as she is teething and i also slept through my alarm so i took my temp 45 mins later than i normally would – would these factors affect my temperature? (maybe it would have been higher if all of these things didn’t happen) I’m hoping my temp will rise again tomorrow and FF will say that i have ovulated but my query is – when do i get my 7DPO bloods done??? The pos opk only means that im approaching ovulation so 7 days from this day wouldn’t be accurate & as i dont have an obvious thermal shift and its happening over a few days im not sure what day i actually ovulate and therefore im not sure what day i should go into the bloods done God this is driving me nuts, i really dont want to wait another month and get another set of bloods done - I’ve been waiting so long already and after the miscarriage everything is moving so slowly, can anyone please help me, I really need some advice. Just to add to the confusion, this was my first month using CBFM, and it has only shown “low” for the whole month – im not sure why this is, as i got the pos opk and i had an ultrasound last week and it showed a healthy follicle – i would have thought the monitor would have at least indicated that i had a “high” fertility it not peak Im getting so bogged down with all of this info, everything seems to difficult and complicated– can anyone please, please help me – anyone???
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Hi Babs, Its so typical that your temp starts playing up when you need it to behave! I was temping aswell and most months I got a clear rise. If you are getting ewcm still then chances are you might of ov'd yesterday or today. Your temp could of been thrown off by being up during the night. I also used the cbfm, I got a bfp my first month using it. But I remember being so frustrated with it because it showed low every day up until cd 19 when it jumped straight to peak with no highs at all!! Also I read that for some it will read low for the whole month if its the first month using it. Don't give up hope yet! Its good that your doctor is finally listening to you. I always felt that we know our cycles so much better than the doctor!
Duffers Posts: 1841
Hey babs! Dont really know a whole lot about the CBFM (never used it) but like Nextstep said, sometimes we know our own bodies better. Trust yourself, you got the +OPK, lots of CM, broken nights sleep and probably a little tension/worry about getting bloods done but sounds to me if you weren't temping or using CBFM you would trust that you're ovulating and wouldn't question it. Sorry I cant answer the Q re the 7 day bloods but I would recommend DTD either way as much as possible. Re the Q about 7 day bloods, if you ask in the longtime TTCers thread (not sure of the name) they will DEFFO be able to help. Really hoping for good news for you soon!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Bet you're feeling like you've taken some control over things, each step is a step closer to your new baby :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: