Girls i seriously need reassurance and advice!!!

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anonyetagain Posts: 8
aurelie Posts: 121
my guess would definately be stress, then adding on extra stress by stressing over the original stress symptoms iykwim I know you should never diagnose anything using google etc, but i googled your symptoms and i got stress as the answer. and also if your subconsciously worried about everything going on then your body may show stress in a different way than if you were consciously stressed. hope that makes sense, i'm getting confused reading it back :o0 :o0
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Could it be mild panic attacks??? Wishing you all the best for tomorrow :xox
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Hi Sorry your feeling like this. Honestly though hun, it really does sound like stress to me. I would suffer from panic attacks on a rare occasion and I would feel like that. Often too I will feel down for a couple of weeks, but it only seams to be that when I come out of it.... I realise I was feeling that way if that makes sense??? Did your doctor do any blood tests? Maybe get him to do one, just so you can see thats there is nothing wrong. Hope you feel better soon, and best of luck tomorrow xx
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
hey! im a worrier too and i get chest pain and and difficulty in drawing a full breath at times of stress. at the moment, its regular due to crap at work and money issues and wedding planning!! its normal to react physically to what the mind is thinking! your mind is working overtime and is compromised so therefore physical attributes manifest themselves! I wont say dont worry coz it wont work but just to know that its normal reaction to stress! i also get palpitations when im stressed. you have alot on at the moment and its no wonder you feel that way. i take a vit supplement to help boost me physically and then a natri calm that i take at times of stress. i also read 'The Secret' by rhonda byrne. it really is an uplifting positive attitude book. some ppl find it difficult to get into so its not a recommendation, just works for me! Best of luck 2moro, although i know you dont need it!! O-O
tilsun Posts: 4506
No advice just want to wish you all the best :thnk :thnk
MeSB Posts: 3785
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hey. just want to say thinking of you. chin up and positive thinking. :xxx :xxx :xxx :xxx :xxx
happycontent2016 Posts: 464
hey dont worry if your doc says its stress i'd say it is, last year i was very stressed in work etc and was getting heart palpitations and found it hard to breathe, i rang the doc bawling crying thinking i was having a heart attack but it was pure stress!!! Once i knew what it was i was able to control it, rescue remedy, remembering to breathe .....(sometimes i catch myself actually holding my breathe with anxiety!!). I've noticed in last month or so now as wedding getting closer that chest feels tight and hard to breathe but i know its anxiety and go for a walk/gym etc get it all out and i start to feel better. I find making a list or writing down what is worrying you a great help as it is on paper and makes it easier to deal with. Good luck tomor and remember to try to relax. :xox
clairej Posts: 251
Hi It sounds like an anxiety or a panic attack. Just talk to your doctor and she will be able to give you the best advice. Best of luck