girls name - Lexi, does it sound too much like S*xy?

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Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
Hi Girls I was just thinking of the name Lexi for a girl, but then thought it might sound a bit too much like S*xy? Or am I being silly? (Please tell me I'm being silly! :o0 )
Wilma Flintstone Posts: 1262
Not chosen baby names for a long time but there is a character called Lexi in Grey's anatomy and it has never occured to me before! I think its a great name if that helps...
2shoes Posts: 79
You are not being silly, a friend of mine called her little girl Lexi, I never once thought it sounded like se*y...If you like it, go for it!
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
it never would have occurred to me but then again, school kids might think of it!
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i like lexi def not like sexy...we are thinkin of Alex for a girl
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Never once crossed my mind. If you like it, go for it *)
ladybirdy Posts: 157
Our DD is Alex and called Lexi sometimes - sexy never entered my head when picking - maybe in school or college?
Princess Mom Posts: 304
Nice name. Sexy didnt enter my head.... until I read your post
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
i never thought of that either,maybe cause its spelt different. i like lexi :lvs amanda holden's little girl is called this
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
Thanks girls for your replies, its defo on the list now!