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corkmarriedgirl Posts: 147
Hi, Have ye found that the name Sadie has become more popular since Brian O Driscoll and Amy Huberman called their baby this? Heard the name from a friend today and am considering it as a possibility if it's a girl but DH think it's it may be overused now!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I haven't heard it much FWIW. Has the CSO released the popular baby names list since BOD and Amy had the baby? Be interesting to see if it moved up the list.
MsD2B Posts: 96
The name Sadie had been gaining popularity way b4 BOD and Amy named their little girl..but it would be nowhere near top 10 names...have to say I love it think it is a beautiful name.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
In the job I do, meet new mum's and dad's and hear a wide selection of baby names. Have only heard one or two Sadie's....there were more prior to Brian and Amy... Beautiful name!!
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I was looking at the top 100 names for 2012 and Sadie isn't on it. 2013 comes out in April. I think BOD keeps such a low profile that it won't have made an impact.
LoveActually Posts: 106