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wombats Posts: 665
I agree with the poster who said if you've decided on one but not the other then maybe that's what you're ging t have? We had a definite boys name a month before and 3 backups and no girls names and we had a boy!
under construction Posts: 3458
I like names that can't be shortened into nicknames. So for girls i like Amy Emma Kate Leah Chloe I you like the sounding of "F" names ... what about Freya or Farrah
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
Girls, edited my post to add a poll just to see which name ye prefer? Thanks MTW xoxo
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
[quote="SnuggleMuffin":321qy6sg]theres an old wives tale that says if you have a def name for one sex and cant deicde on the other, you're having the one you have a definite name for! worked for us! i'm not mad on faith and not great on irish names either, but i am a fussy idiot and most people thing DD's name is awful![/quote:321qy6sg] Exactly what happened to us!! I had a sneeking suspicion it would. No one likes DS's name either. But I think it suits him perfectly!!
newone Posts: 1714
I picked Fiadh!