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corkmarriedgirl Posts: 147
Hi All, Just wondering which people prefer Kate/Katie? Think Kate is in the lead as a girls name and have a boys name picked already! :o0 Would love to know what ye think!
DaisyB Posts: 1708
i prefer Kate i think both are nice but i just like kate better and i don't know as many Kates as i do Katies that would be a bonus for me when picking a name as i like it to be less common!
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
hmmm think i would go for Kate
kj88 Posts: 52
Hi, kinda new to wol but thought id jump in with my opinion since my name is katie!i really like my name but its very annoying when people dont pronounce the t, makes it sound like "kay-ee", this can happen quite alot funnily enough, i was born in the late 80s and it wasnt that popular then, there was never anybody in my class with the name etc, however now its too popular and for that reason and the fact its not often pronounced right i would pick kate which is a name i love, think its quite classical and timeless and love when people call me that for short!