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ANONZO Posts: 4
Hi Girls Im going anon on this but really hope you can help me or give me advice, basically about 5 years ago i had an eptopic pregnancy and had fallopian tube removed.It was a horrible experience and would not like to go through it again.. I have not being feeling myself lately, tender boobs, tiredness, etc and decided to do a pregnancy test on Tuesday which came up positive, it was a faint line but Positive no doubt, alarm bells began to ring as i was worried what had previously happened to me and called Holles Street in which they said to come in, I went in Tuesday and they did a preg test which again was positive and reckoned i was 5wks and 5 days pregnant, they then done an external and internal scan and the doctor brazingly said hmmm theres no sac and said they would take bloods, so I got blood taken and they made an appointment for me to return this evening at 6pm to have second set of bloods taken. In the meantime I had a voicemail on my phone this morning from a Dr in Holles street telling me that my first set of blood is fine and there'l be no follow up. I rang them this morning and they basically said if thats what the doctor said then all is fine and I dont need to go back in for the second set of bloods. Im really confused as the Doctor that done the scan said she could not see sac :duh:, im really upset and confused and dont know what to do :o( Sorry for the long rant but really hope you can advise me!!
becky09 Posts: 40
sorry haven't a lot of advise for you but I think you should ring your GP to clarify what the situation is with you now. That was not a very satisfactory response from the hospital. Hopefully your GP will give you the full story take care B
lovingmarriedlife Posts: 324
i would be concerned that whoever rang you back with results didn't realise you were in to have ectopic ruled out. if you think that could be the case i would ring again/go in. sorry i dont have more to advise than that best of luck
Idina Posts: 1289
Hi, Don't know if this will help but they couldn't see my baby on this preg til 7 weeks! I was told at 6 weeks that I had lost the baby. Best of luck-maybe you should insist on a follow up :babydust:
Painter2 Posts: 218
I had a scan and they couldnt see the sac, then the next scan they could but there was no heartbeat and told me I lost it. Well thats obviously not the case. So I wouldnt worry about them not seeing anything at such an early stage. Its usually 7wks before they can see anything for sure. But, maybe ring the doctor and get a follow up appointment anyway just to put your mind at ease. The chances of you having another ectopic is very low so I would try relax, but i can understand why your anxious hun. Anyway, best of luck and most importantly....congratulations!!! :o)ll
ANONZO Posts: 4
Hey girls thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I rang the hospital again today and asked to speak to a nurse, I got to speak to a very nice lady who was a mid wife and explained everything, she said that there was obviously some kind of mix up and I should have never been left that voicemail from the Dr telling me there was no follow up and I definitely need to get my second set of bloods done in order to measure my Hcg level, im going in tomorrow to get them done so will know more then.....So confused but at least I will know more tomorrow!! thanks again x
TurtleBaby1 Posts: 693
Anonzo I hate to be a negitive nancy but I would reccomend that you do what ever it takes to get a straight and informed answer from the hospital. I feel like we are nothing but numbers to the hospitals no matter what concerns we are having. I had a scan at 5 weeks and they were able to see the sac. I had another at 7 weeks and they saw the heartbeat. I hope you get the reassurance that you deserve tomorrow. :thnk
candypants Posts: 8575
How did you get on today misses?
ANONZO Posts: 4
Hey Went in at lunch time and they took more bloods, I asked if I was getting another scan and they said there were no doctors around to do scan but the bloods will tell all anyhow whats happening, they said they would call me with results either way, so its just a waiting game really!! I have my phone beside me all day..Hopefully il get the call soon... Thanks again