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dibbles Posts: 749
Hi all, well my best friend got engaged recently and i really want to buy them something different.. something sentimental, not typical photo frame etc.. She always puts so much effort in presents so i want to do the same for her!! I dont mind ordering online etc etc.. thanks girls!!!
Cindereilla Posts: 89
:wv If your looking for sentimental I think a photo-session would be great so they could get a professional photo of them for their engagement. I got engaged recently and would have loved this as it is something I would always have to remind us how beautiful we looked when young before the stress of married life :o0 Just a thought maybe its too simple?
Muriel09 Posts: 361
A voucher for their fave restaurant. A voucher for a couples massage to destress before the big day. A nice bottle of champagne. Or you could make up a little hamper with stuff that is useful for planning a wedding etc.,a wedding organiser,a list of suppliers,a wedding dvd,a bottle of wine, chocolate,massage oil ;)
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Love the hamper idea - i'd have loved it as a gift! We got the usual glasses, cutlery sets, photo frames etc but loved all of them. :wv
sarsarlou Posts: 179
A skydive!!!!!!! Also we spent a week in Oct 2008 on a cabin cruiser on Lough Erne with Emerald star, best thing we ever did cause after that we decided to move in together, hence the lack of Cabin Fever....maybe an Emerald star Voucher??
mcthewife Posts: 51
A night in the hotel they are having the Wedding in? If you let reception know they've just got engaged etc they might throw in a bottle of Champagne.