Girls with short hair what are you doing for the big day?

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happybride2be Posts: 380
i have a mini top hat ordered.. just hoping it looks nice.. i didnt think a veil would suit with short hair.. whats the rest of ye doing?
brooklynbride Posts: 282
I have very short hair - a pixie cut - and I wore a headpiece which looked like a small pillbox hat, an oval of ivory straw decorated with ovals of bronze and ivory pearls, with a birdcage veil attached. I had the headpiece made by a milliner in New York and decided to replace the veil she'd put on it with a birdcage veil of a slightly larger netting, which came down to over my eyes at a slight angle. It might sound elaborate but while it was unusual, it was actually quite simple and really suited the short haircut. I'll PM you pics, and let me know if you want any contact details for this kind of thing as I looked at lots of options.
chatter2cat Posts: 996
Mini top hat? Intriguing. I have a pretty short graduated bob which I am getting cut by my trusted hairdresser 2 weeks before and then just having it set on the day. It looks good when newly trimmed and done by a hairdresser so nothing more than that. I'm wearing a tiara type headpiece (though I also have a circlet - am not convinced which, will try both with the dress when i get it and see. I have a veil on a comb too. So quite traditional, just with my short hairstyle!
kelsar Posts: 690
I have very short hair too, am planning on wearing just a tiara on the day. Can,t see a veil suiting me, more an age thing than anything else.
LMR Posts: 1925
I've grown mine out slightly so I can wear a hair piece and have an up do.
Kingston Design Posts: 895
Hairvines, hair pins, tiara bands (worn like a hairband) and tiara combs as opposed to the traditional tiara are all good options for shorter haired brides!
bangel Posts: 2285
Happybride2b can I ask where you have ordered your mini top hat from? I would really love one, but have yet to pick a dress, so I don't know whether it will suit.
Yoda Posts: 3340
I got a couple of colours put thru, autumn colours, copper and the like also had a tiara
lastminutebride Posts: 785
Pixie cut here too. I was planning on a hair vine, but then my sister-in-law looked sooooo pretty in a veil that I fell in love with the whole idea and got myself one :-D I think it looks fine with the short hair - didn't occur to me that it mightn't work. Don't a lot of people with long hair wear it up with a veil anyway? I might still get a hair vine and wear the two, so I can take off the veil for the reception and have the hair vine still in - not sure yet.
Mum of one Posts: 304
I've decided to grow mine a little and get clip in hair extensions so I can have an upstyle. Just have to pick a style now and I'll be laughing!