Giving Birth in the Rotunda

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Shilanne Posts: 304
Hi all...just wondering who has had previous experience with the Rotunda - When you go into labour are they nice with you? Is the delivery suite nice? Is it scary? Do you have to beg for drugs?
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hiya, I can probably tell you in about 7 weeks time ! I'm attending the Rotunda as a public patient. So far I have no problems with the care I'm getting. Started antenatal classes too and we were able to visit one of the delivery suites. I'm not sure what you mean about being 'nice' it's a hospital. Staff seem fine, don't think there's a problem with getting the epidural there. You never know what midwife you're going to get during labour though, but that goes for any hospital. As for scary, well I'm s**ting myself but that has nothing to do with the Rotunda either !
The Fitness Dock Posts: 130
I'd be interested in hearing other people's experiences in the Rotunda. My girlfriend is having our first baby there in the next 2 weeks. She had to stay there overnight twice during her pregnancy and all the nurses there were great. PAUL
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Shilanne try not to stress too much. As Tigletts says there are dozens of midwives working in each of the maternity hospitals so you really can't generalise. Just be assertive....don't be afraid to speak up. I have had two babies now and have been very pleased with the treatment I have had during both labours. This was in the Coombe but I think all the hospitals are pretty much the same. From reading people's birth stories obviously we have had different levels of pain and discomfort but most of us have great praise for the staff that looked after us. I hope this reassures you.
Shilanne Posts: 304
Thanks for you replies ....when i asked was it nice I am not expecting 5 star :) I have just heard that its homely.....? I will go to an antenatal class soon - so hopefully I will get a look :)
grumpy Posts: 1280
I have no complaints at all about the Rotunda! The two midwives I ended up with (Rosie and Maria, who is a trainee) were absolutely fabulous! I got the epidural no bother when I asked. In fact, they are pretty quick to ask if you want it. I put it off for as long as I could though. At the time of the actual delivery, the epidural was only working on my left side as I'd had to lie on my left due to babs being in distres, so I made a whally of myself with all my "I can't do this" screechin :-8. However, Rosie really got me through it. She kept telling me I could do it and it would be far better for me to do it myself without any help from a doctor. When it was all over, she actually APOLOGISED to me in case she was a bit mean in her encouragement :o0 :o0!!!! I was public and had a room with 7 beds in it, although only 5 were occupied (including mine). It was clean and I have no complaints about decor - in fact, I couldn't even begin to tell you the colour of the walls or curtains! But I think all hospitals have a generic drab colour scheme!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Absolutely fantastic in the labour ward in the Rotunda I must have seen every midwife working the day I was there and they were all lovely but a word of warning postnatally they weren't good. I would recommend that you get as much support from family and DP as possible and don't let people overcrowd you for visiting if you need your rest. The Dublin hospitals are quite busy as you can imagine and so outside help from your mum or sister might be nice if you need some additional help after babs is born. Forewarned is forearmed but I'm sure it will be great.
soon2bmomof3&4 Posts: 400
i found the rotunda brilliant, our midwife was excellent he really got us through the hours in the delivery suite!! I also found the postnatal care great, i went semi-private and there was one nurse Felicity who was great and really made it her business to know your name and stop for a chat. The ward was lovely, there was only 4 beds in the room. I was in for 3 nights but we have the ward to ourselves for a whole day which was great. Dont worry yourself, i was shaking when we went on the tour of the hospital for the antenatal class, i had pictured the delivery suite totally different to what it was, once i saw it i felt so relaxed, so i'd recommend doing the tour! best of luck!
sapphire fairy Posts: 36
I had three in the Rotunda and was in alot on the last - they were brilliant and actually it annoys me when people slate it because on three separate occasions they came up trumps for me!!! No epi on the first two (my fault left it to late to go in) but oh yes on the youngest and it was a totally different labour!! good luck!!!
mad woman Posts: 22106
I had both my babies in the rotunda nad the nurse were the best, both of mine were c-section and they were really great.