Giving notice when changing jobs

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Bridget Posts: 539
How much notice would you give (have you given in the past) when changing jobs. I find that the new employer nearly wants me to start straightaway, even though I know I should give 2 wks notice (been in a temporary job for 9 months, and am moving to a permanent job) I think it might be hard for them to get someone in 2 wks. On the other hand the last person in my job was permanent, there 2 yrs, and gave a months notice. I have always given 2 wks notice in jobs. What I find irritating is the new employers push me to start nearly straightaway, and the old employers tell me that 2 wks is not enough for them to find someone & train in.
Shin Posts: 8515
hey bridget no matter what contract you received its actually not worth the paper its written, thats what a lot of people dont realise, me included up until a while ago. under 13 weeks you are obliged to give nothign and can walk out, likewise you boss can fire you without notice. 13 weeks to a year you are obliged to give one week only and likewise your boss can still let you go but this time he must justify it. over a year it goes up to 2 week between a year and 4 years. dont stress give me a week, but if you really arent in a rush by all means if you feel for goodwill reasons like giving them more, ya can hope this helps shinxxx
pluppy Posts: 3519
4 weeks we have to give unless we are poached by a rival company then we've to go straight away with 4 weeks pay >:o) in your situation i wouldnt put a temp job before a permanent one
roxylou Posts: 173
Usually it goes by how often you get paid, i.e. if you get paid fortnightly you give two weeks notice, if you get paid monthly you give a months notice. If you have a contract it will be in that too! Two weeks should be sufficient, but it depends on wether or not you may be wanting a reference in the future. If theres a chance you will be wanting one, I'd recomend you comply with the contract details. HTH Roxy
mad woman Posts: 22106
doesnt go by how you paid.. check out
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i havent been in a lot of jobs ages so mostly its been 2 weeks for me,
clucky Posts: 26471
2 weeks in our contract - only 1 week if you are here less than 6 months
mad woman Posts: 22106
defo depends whether or not you have a contract NOT by the way you are paid.
Redfraggleathome Posts: 159
Its a month for me - was in the contract
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
A month for me too.