giving sugar water to baby?

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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
My little angel is 8 weeks but was premature and she gets SO hungry in the evenings, she's on breast milk and formula and the hospital told me to give her 77mls of the formula every 4 hrs, im already giving her over 100mls but sometimes she wants more food and hour after feeding :eek in desperation today i gave her some cooled boiled water (4oz) with about a quarter tea spoon of sugar-was that a terrible thing to do?
roxychick Posts: 1802
I used to give brown sugar and water to my DS for constipation. My PHN told me to. Never did him any harm
WinterGal Posts: 835
My DD only now will sometimes go 4 hours between feeds as I've started her on solids but never when she was only weeks old. Most of the time she went 2.5 hours between feeds. I think if a baby's hungry then feed them no matter when their last feed was, as it could be a growth spurt. Water with sugar is for constipation, I had to give it to DD today for the first time and thank god it worked in a few hours. But I don't believe it would do any harm so don't be worrying. You could always try your DD with water on it's own as she may be thirsty but it never worked for me, only BF or now formula would satisfy.
MammyC Posts: 3621
The sugar water is just for consitpation, wont do her any harm though! Like pp said just offer her some water on its own if you like, but tbh, I would just feed her whenever she is hungry as she is still so little and was premature.The doctor told me you cant overfeed a baby, they will push the bottle out when they are full. Love the name Ava by the way :wv
Lady Mama Posts: 162
Hi, I'd be a bit cautious giving sugar water to baby tbh. My friend used to do this for her LO & he ended up with tooth decay @11 months old, I know your probably just givin her tiny amounts every now & again but you might have problems with her taking water without the sugar if she gets used to the sweet taste. I'd feed her, if she's hungry she's hungry. All babies are different & it could be a growth spurt.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
glad you posted this CBB. I just had the girls over and not sure why but they were asking me had I given her any water. She is still on breastmilk and midwife had said you dont need to give a breastfed baby baby water as there is enough in the breast milk. Not sure why two of them asked the same question, was wondering did she look dehydrated ??? One asked in reference to hiccups though, is water known to get rid if hiccups?
MammyC Posts: 3621
Nothing gets rid of them! My dd gets them all the time and nothing helps,they bother us more than the babies! Also you dont need to give breastfed babies water, the foremilk is the thirst quencher for them. Maybe your friend bottlefed their babies?
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
Mrs C they dont have any babies!!!Maybe they just heard it somewhere and thought they would impart the knowledge .... her hiccups sound awful but as you say they bother me more than her, she doesn't seem uncomfortable with them at all. Will stick to not giving her any water so...Sorry to hijack your post CBB
MammyC Posts: 3621
ah pesky friends without babies giving advice! I have some of those too :o0
neeov Posts: 4256
Are you expressing the breast milk or breastfeeding her directly. I think you are in a growth spurt and baby needs more food. If you are BF her, you should maybe just feed her on demand. Its hard to get good advice for combination feeding, but I'd start looking for it. Is the advice from the hospital recent? It might change as she gets bigger. Hospital generally don't care what baby is fed as long as she is fed, they are not always the best place to get breastfeeding advice. I'd contact La Leche or a Lactation consultant to help preserve your milk supply when you are supplementing with a lot of formula. I don;t think the sugar water now and again will cause any problems but she would probably do better on more milk. The concentration of sugar in the water could upset her electrolyte balance, I don't know how much would be a risk.