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littlemrs1 Posts: 157
hi girls just wondering has anyone tried this face mask? i know there are a few different ones just wondering what one would people recommended for a pre wedding glow.! and to get rid of the wrinkles!
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
Just bought it last week.....have done it twice so far and I like it, I have yet to have a moment where I decide I can't live without it. Hoping for wrinkle reduction soon ;)
littlemrs1 Posts: 157
sounds great! could i ask which one did you purchase?
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I got the one in the black pot, the youth mud, think it's the one with most hype!!
Bridiekk Posts: 272
There are a few different types (4 altogether I think) I have tried 3. I find the Supermud clearing treatment one really good for reducing blackheads on my nose and some congestion around my mouth / chin. It's gross but when it dries you can see the blocked pores. Disgustingly satisfying! :) I only had a tester for the black pot - youth mud. But it's nice. I can't confirm wrinkle reduction! The thirstymud hydrating one is lovely and I like the smell of it too. It doesn't dry in like the others so it feels lovely and can be left on longer (I find). My skin gets quite dry in the winter so this is a gorgeous treat. I'm yet to try the Dual Cleanse! The cheapest place I have seen them is in Sam McCauley's pharmacies. Cloud10beauty online has them too and can have good sales.