Glasses for children with Ds

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Lilly* Posts: 153
Hi All Can any of ye tell me where stocks glasses for children with DS in the leinster area. I think they are called erins world!
rady1 Posts: 51
Hi there. I Am an optometrist, erins world I have only seen them via catalogue, they sound amazing, the only observation i had was that the range is verrrry plain , not very cute for little girls or boys, they are supplied by a company called merchamp, honestly most opticians would have no problem in getting them in for you on an appro basis, if you dont like them the shop can send them back, no bother, I try and use the cutest most durable, frames for younger kids. The beauty of erins world is that they are designed for a "flat" nose ( now this is not my phrasing but the erins world rep'). I have said if I do have a young patient with ds I'll definately give them a go. As for personal experience of the range, I don't have any as yet, Feel free to ask any questions, as for any optician stocking the range, you could ring merchamp optical and ask them where they would recommend to go, they are very helpful. Good luck, Rady
Lilly* Posts: 153
Thanks Rady will have a look for stockists of erins world,
mobmar Posts: 642
Found post below on this website that might help you. ... /27/specs/ Hi Folks Our local optician in Clane co. Kildare does a big range of Erin's World glasses and also a range of glasses called Miraflex which is also very suitable for babies. 045 861627 Posted on September 15, 2011
Birch1 Posts: 1
Hi Lilly. I can recommend optician in Clane too. The name is Given Opticians and they stocks a full range of childrens glasses fo all kids. Also has Erin's World frames. Staff very very patient and friendly. Website is :wv
Lilly* Posts: 153
Thanks Mobmar & Birch I have just phoned Given Opticians and they stock Eirns World and Miraflex frames, we have an appointment for Saturday. Thanks for the help :wv
Lucy Kavanagh