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brooklynbride Posts: 282
So, it looks like we might be having our wedding in Wicklow now. We're not from there, and the idea of getting married in a church I don't know and have never been in is a bit daunting to me...had wanted my local church but the area was just giving us nothing in terms of a suitable reception venue. We've found a place we're happy with in the Wicklow area but now need advice on a church. The ones I'm thinking of are Clara Vale, Aughrim (? is there one there?), Annacurragh and Glendalough; I've read that they're pretty churches. I can't find any information online about the church at Glendalough, though. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it St. Kevin's itself or a much more modern church that is open for weddings? And any advice or recommendations on other Wicklow churches would be gratefully received! Found a lovely video online showing Clara Vale in detail but can't find any images of the others. Thanks! :wv
MrsCsoon Posts: 96
I'm from near Annacurra, so if you want me to take some photos etc. let me know. I also am planning to head to Glendalough via Clara Vale at the weekend. Let me know if I can be of any assistance :wv
Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
there's a lovely little church in Kilquad, they're still taking bookings for next year but it's 500eur for non parishoners. We're thinking about getting married there but think the 500eur is a bit much for use of the church only, still have to pay for your own priest. The church itself is really old, is not the picturesque from the outside but is beuatiful inside, absolutely gorgeous. It's opposite the national garden centre so you could maybe pop in there for a few photo's afterwards!
brooklynbride Posts: 282
Hmmm, found some pics of Kilquade online (flickr), looks nice alright! The reception venue is nearer to Aughrim though...would that be a bit of a drive? Mind you I really wanted to have the ceremony in the church in Trinity, but it would be a 90 minute drive so we're veering away from that at the moment. It's so hard to get things to fall into place together... MrsCSoon...I've PM'd you! Thanks!
bumble Posts: 1980
Clara Vale is a really pretty little church in the most beautiful setting. It's breathtaking. I'd deffo recommend pal was married there and had her reception in Glendalough and it was fab. Another friend tried to get the church in Glendalough to no avail. I think it's difficult and you also have to find your own priest.