Glitzy eye make up / chunky belts. Where?

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JessM Posts: 16
Hey ladies Am still looking for fashionable christmas pressies for 2 teenagers. Don't wear chunky belts or glitzy eye make up myself but would REALLY appreciate some tips on where I might get nice ones. As with my previous post about handbags, would prefer somewhere not in Liffey Valley / Blanchardstown as the girls shop a lot there. If there are nice brands of make-up I should look out for and can get online maybe you could recommend brands / websites? Girly and a little light would be the way to go, I think Mac might be too dramatic. Thanks!!!!
Karen WOL Posts: 625
:wv Benefit have great packaging...Very girly but can be a bit expensive. Maybe try Urban Decay, it's very 'street' and pretty popular with teenagers...they stock it in Debenhams...and HOF in Dundrum... Posts: 92
Hi, I have just launched a new gift website. And one of the clients we have is award winning makeup manufacturer Fuschia. I have enclosed a few links to a couple of the gifts we have which are teenage related. I hope they are of help. Drop me an email if I can be of any help. We have a fabulous range of Newbridge Silver Jewellery and perfumes also which will be giftwrapped free of charge and delivered to you. Sian x
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
gosh eye shadows are very glizzy n brite colours very girly..... i tink the girls will like these
kila2008 Posts: 678
Barry M makeup available in some Boots (Jervis Centre in Dublin definitely stock it) seem to be really popular for glitzy stuff!
08Aug09 Posts: 405
I would second Benefit they do a great tinted moisturiser that would be ideal for teenage skin they also have great gift sets but they are expensive belts - what about top shop
Karen WOL Posts: 625
Top Shop are great for belts....There's good ol' Claire's accessories too...they can be a bit on the gawdy side but sometimes you find a gem or two. Good luck! :wv
Corkie1 Posts: 340
Urban Decay have a lovely set out at the mo. I bought one at the weekend in Debenhams cause there was 10% off. So only €30! There are 16 eyeshadows in it with 2 brushes and a primer. Its got a pop up lid. Kinda funky and nice colours!! [img:2qc5i23o][/img:2qc5i23o]