Glucose intolerance test in Rotunda, few q's

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suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Hi ladies :wv Had my appt today and babs weighing in at 6 lbs already so i'm having the diabetes test on wednesday morning, midwife explained to me about getting bloods every hour ect. Just wondering do you have to stay in clinic for the full appt? If so i'll be bringing a good book, she said appt could be 4 hours. Any other advice would be great :thnk
lindy Posts: 1135
Hi Im in next thursday morning too they say im carrying a big baby didnt say anything about the weight it might be just said its very long and going to be a big one. They told me im in for 8;30 thursday morning fast from night before and they take bloods every hour you could be there for up to 4 hours and then they send you down for something to eat and another blood test and then your sent on your way if you feel friends said its a pain in the a##e so bring a good book or a friend with ya. Good luck with yours let me know how you get on.
Peppa Posts: 150
I had it done on my dd. You do have to stay in the clinic for the full time, from what I remember, they bring you in some orange juice, scones and tea before they let you go home after the test. The midwife rang me with the results by lunchtime the following day.
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
:thnk girls for the replys, lindy will let you know how i get on tomorrow :wv
babs76 Posts: 1000
Girls - I had my 28 week scan last Fri and my midwife asked me to come back in and have this test - then when i went into the consultant and after the scan she said the same. At the time, I just assumed that everyone got the test but since then i have discovered it's only if there is sugar in your urine, the baby is measuring big for that particular stage of the pregnancy or if there is a history - I'm slightly worried now as i just though everyone got it Is this something to be worried about?
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
well girls had the test this morning,Went in fasting from last night, had blood taken then Had to drink a jug of lucozade in 10 mins, more blood taken, an hour later more blood taken and again the same for each hour for another 2 hours. BP ect all taken as well and checked over by doc in clinic. Had to eat a scone and drink juice before i left just to make sure i was ok. Wasn't too bad but was wrecked after it tbh. Midwife said she'd contact me tomorrow if results not ok, otherwise all well. If not ok i'll be referred to a dietician. Babs76 try not to worry hun, i dont think its a big deal, doc or midwife didn't seem too concerned. I had it done in the semi-p clinic but imagine its the same process every where. Best of luck with yours gals :wv