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breeze Posts: 1175
Hi Wollies I was the hsp today for a routine appointment and the midwife found sugar im my wee. My mam also had diabeties on her last pregnany with my sister. I have to go and get a Glusose test next week. Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me on what the procudure would be. I was advised to fast from 12 the night b4 and to bring 2 bottles of lucozade with me, but thats all. Thanks in advance. Breeze
brightling Posts: 1496
Hi breeze, Ive had this done on each of my pregnancies because of a strong family history of diabetes. Thankfully its been negative each time. Basically what I had to do was show up at the hosp at about 9am, they took blood and I had to drink about 600mls of Lucozade as quickly as possible. Then i had to wait for an hour, then blood taken again, then another hours wait, then more blood another hours wait, more blood, one more hours wait and final lot of blood so 4 lots of blood over 3 hours so over by about 12ish. Was given tea and toast then before I good go home. I was always told they would phone in the afternoon if test came back positive. The waiting around in between bloods can be boring so stock up on a few books or magazines. You cant eat or drink until all the bloods have been taken and that was the hardest part for me. Good luck with your test.
breeze Posts: 1175
Oh good god sound so bloody boring. Thanks for all that info really apprecitate it O-O Ill be black and blue by the end of it. Ill have to head over to easons ang get a good book so. Thanks
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Breeze every public patient has to do this in Limerick anyway - its awful - especially if you have MS as the fasting makes it worse - I had to hvae it done twice in last pregnancy as was threatened gestational diabeties but was fine in the end - its very boring alright but I only had 3 sets of blood taken - one before the lucozade and then another set one hour later and then two hours later ! Hops provided the lucozade but it was flat - urgh ¬!
Alwaysbroke Posts: 1140
Seems to vary from hospital to hospital. I've had it done twice now as well in Kilkenny. Once your BMI is over a certain number you are automatically tested or if there's a family history. I had to fast from the night before, get to hospital at 8.30am, take blood, drink a bottle and a tiny bit of lucozade, sit around for 2 hours, get blood taken again and then go home. Hospital provided the lucozade for me too and it was fine but warm!
breeze Posts: 1175
Thanks for the replies. I have to bring the lucozade with me, hsp said to do so. Im more worried about been pricked a hell of a lot of times, not to keen on needles. So the nurse better be good at it. :eek
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
hiya Breeze i say its different at all hospitals. i got it done this time on second preganacy as DS was a big boy... had to fast from night before and bring in 600ml of original lucozade. was in hospital at 8am, took my bloods and then had to drink lucozade withing 5mins in front of midwife and wait for two hours and then get more bloods taken, then was allowed home. results were negative so all was fine... good luck with it.
Ochre Posts: 877
Wow, I think I've developed a new phobia! I physically cannot drink fizzy drinks; I'd say I've never had more than a mouthful and while I haven't had MS at all, if I'd to drink lots of lucozade, it'd be game over for me.
goinloco Posts: 774
thats strange, im getting this done at my next hospital visit and they never mentioned fasting! in fact its an afternoon appointment so fasting would be impossible :o0
breeze Posts: 1175
TBH im not going to read to much into it. Ill wait till i get the results and go from there. Then ill panic and wonder how the hell ill push out a 9 pounder :eek :eek :eek :eek . LOL On this pregnancy i just feel a little more anxious, dont know why. Felt grand on DS2 and the same with DS1. Just keep thinking the worst. At my hsp appointment on monday my cons was scanning me and didnt let me see the screen and i was like eh what do you see that you dont want me to see. DH said she was probably seeing if it was a boy or girl, we dont know gonna wait till d-day. Fongers crossed.