GM suits - who pays?

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roma2011 Posts: 1208
Am so confused about what happens in relation to their suits. Do we buy them suits the same way that we buy bridesmaid dresses? H2B wants his three brothers as groomsmen, and then we have his two sons who will have to match in with them too. Do people hire suits or what happens?
Charli09 Posts: 235
We hired our suits. HTH :thnk
Quiglep Posts: 150
It depends on what your husband whats. Mine is particular about his clothes had notions about wanting a shiny suit- sont ask! Because of this he was prepared to buy them. In the end he discovered that pretty much as shops here do the same types of suits so we hired them. His cousin bought theirs when he got married got a good deal in the uk. Either way to my knowledge the bride and groom pay for it.