Go for cheap invites or pretty ones?

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super excited Posts: 143
I went into town today and went into a card shop and I found a packet of 10 wedding invitations for £1.49!!!!!! They were pretty generic, the front of the card had wedding invitation written on it and the usual wording on the inside. That was it.. but it would definitely do the job! :o)ll These are similar to the ones I saw in the shop but not the exact ones! http://www.clintoncards.co.uk/invitatio ... 21043.html But I'm worried that I'll regret going for the cheaper option and think maybe I should splash out a little more money for 'prettier' invites. I viewed one of the other brides topics the other day and really took a fancy to these! :lvs http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270644111066? ... 1438.l2649 Please let me know what you think! Should I go for the bargain or go for the pricey ones!? Do people really take much notice of what your invites look like? :compress
loveofmylife Posts: 254
TBH i'd def go for the more expensive one's but that's just me. I love invitations and always notice the type of invite I get. I love receiving cards etc so like to I am putting a lot of effort into the invites I am picking. I think that the invite creates the first impression of your wedding and so think that a lot of effort should be put in but unfortunately, they don't come cheap. That's just me though, i'm sure many people don't take any notice of the invites. If you can afford the more expensive one's, i'd go for them.
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
I would say the majority of people would barely notice your invite. I went with pretty invite's because i love cards but they were diyed and not expensive. One thing for certain is that nobody will even remember your invites by the time the big day comes around and nicer invites won't add to the atmosphere or enjoyment of the day.
elpi Posts: 748
I'd always notice invitations as well and I think given that it's the first thing most people have to do with your wedding it's important that they're nice. TBH the first type you posted look cheap to me(sorry, don't want to offend anyone :-8 ) and they're not something i'd have chosen. The 2nd link you posted are still fairly cheap at less than €1 per invite but to me look far far nicer.
PalomaSeven Posts: 48
Don't really know about other people,but I have been to almost 30 weddings and I cannot remember one of the invitations from any of them. I might have noticed just at the time of reading what they looked like but you can be sure by the time the day came around, I never gave them a second thought. If you received a plain invite, I don't think you would think 'this wedding is going to be no good', that is silly, you judge it based on the couple.
2013bride13 Posts: 424
I will be honest, even the expensive ones are plain enough so maybe you could diy your own for half the price and so compromise you make your own invites that are pretty and what you want!
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
I went for cheapies- actually got them free from a Wollie! They are nice little white cards with a sparkly wedding cake on the front and I love them- mostly because I saved myself 200-300 quid :o0 I bought ribbon on ebay for 3 euro in my wedding colours to jazz them up. So 120 invites cost me...... 3euro!!
amthee Posts: 688
Alsgal12 I was going to suggest the same thing! Coli you will save a fortune buying them in the shop. Get a pretty silver or gold pen to write the names on them. Maybe get some nice confetti (tesco do table confetti or go on ebay) put that in the cards and you can print off little personalised stickers to seal the envelopes. If you have money to burn and don't feel bad spending around 300 on invites then get them made but considering your invites will most likely end up in the recycling bin go with the cheaper ones.
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
I'm going with the ones on eBay lol. That was me posted the link! I toyed with the idea of the cheaper one's but I'd always regret it and anyway considering what some are paying for invites I think £29.00 for 50 are a bargain!!!! I was quoted in the regions of £150 - £200 for similar ones elsewhere.
MichelleBelle Posts: 202
I got married in June so I'm talking from experience here! I spent way too long looking at invitations and even though I got them for a very good price in the end, if I was going to do it again I would get cheapies from Eason, or make some simple ones myself. They all go in the bin and you could spend the time/money elsewhere on more important things. But in saying that, picking the invitations is very exciting! Just go with what you prefer, if you can afford either one then just go for what you think is the nicest.