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goodtimes Posts: 66
Getting married in 5 months, colour scheme is ivory and magenta,just want to see a few ideas, if you have pics of your bouquets/ flowers you want to show, that could inspire me, please post them!!! Thanks girls x :wv
FloristJohnPaul Posts: 215
Hi Goodtimes, I've PM'd you regards pics. I would suggest for bridesmaids shades of pinks & introduce some purple using lisanthus, sweetpea, limonium. For your owm bouquet i would keep to whites and creames with a little bit of colour from the bridesmaids throught it, finished off with ribbon handles. If you have a look at my photo gallery on the website () you could see if there are any particular bouquet styles you like that I could be adapted to your theme. Regards John Paul
usain Posts: 41
I am looking for ideas too. My dress is white, bm's royal blue and junior bm's navy, I would like any suggestions girls, Thanks!!
Asics Posts: 1935
These are what my bm's are having, they are called Dolce Vita Rose's (their dresses are a raspberry colour). Im having a mixture of the Dolce Vita roses & ivory roses :wv [img:lbotkvp0]http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n166/KritalJay/Flowers/Roses-flowers.jpg[/img:lbotkvp0]
FloristJohnPaul Posts: 215
Hi Usain, It would depend on the time of year you are getting married and the style of bouquets you are looking to go for. Blue flowers against a white dress can be really harsh in photographs. I would always suggest staying away from darker blue flowers. Id mix Eryngium with some white flowers as this gives the hint of blue without being too blue. And for bms you could have lovely wired bouquets using flowers such as Agapanthus, Aconitum, Hydranga and some grey green foliage such as Euclyptus. You could also add some blue wire for detail depending on style of dresses. Have a look at my website for photo gallery. If you would like any further help with your flowers PM or email me. Regards John Paul
midnightqueen Posts: 582
[quote="usain":20ltcagc]I am looking for ideas too. My dress is white, bm's royal blue and junior bm's navy, I would like any suggestions girls, Thanks!![/quote:20ltcagc] My BM's are navy & im am having Creamy white calla lilies for us all. Mine will be larger than the BM's with a hint of gold because my dress is ivory. The BMs are smaller than mine with a hint of silver. Staying away from the blues altogether.
Google Posts: 105
Snap! I am an ivory and magenta bride also!! :o)ll My bridesmaids are going to have the below in shades of pink - I have seen it before and looked great... [img:2alxifpc]http://pics.gallery.weddingbee.com/4607.lavender_bridesmaid_bouquet.jpg.resize[/img:2alxifpc] Hopefully my flowers will look something like this: [/img]http://media.theknot.com/ImageStage/Objects/0003/0041390/large_image.jpg[img] All excited now! :thnk [/img]
Google Posts: 105
Sorry - thought I knew how to post pics, but obviously not!! :-8
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
here you go google [img:1mlxmk4m]http://pics.gallery.weddingbee.com/4607.lavender_bridesmaid_bouquet.jpg[/img:1mlxmk4m] [img:1mlxmk4m]http://media.theknot.com/ImageStage/Objects/0003/0041390/large_image.jpg[/img:1mlxmk4m]
Google Posts: 105
Thanks Pink Ribbons... i love looking at them!! :heartbeat: