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Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Hi all, H2B and I are going to be godparents to my cousins son in a couple of weeks which we are so delighted and chuffed about. We were actually asked just before the baby was born, so when he arrived :stork: we bought them a present worth €100 and then gave an additional €150 cheque for them to get whatever they wanted. 3 months on is the christening. Are we traditionally meant to buy a godparent gift for them. Like we will if its tradition, but just dont know if its expected (and is there a specific thing were meant to get?). I cant imagine they'd be expecting anymore, but was thinking of picking up a token present like a newbridge frame.
shootingstar Posts: 1340
I know my dd GM and GF went overboard when DD was born, that when it came to the christening came along, i told them not to get anything that they had got enough. But it was like talkin to a brick wall, GM bought us a high chair, one of the best gifts we ever got, but went mad at her for doing it. but GF told us if we didnt tell him what we wanted or needed he would just buy her more clothes, so we asked him to get the white blanket and the candle for her special day and at least she will always have them, he got her blanket personalised for her, which added that wee bit more of specialness!!! He also got her a photo album for us to put all her christening pictures into!!! Its definately not expected of the GPs to buy big gifts, the photo frame is a beautiful sentiment and Im sure it will be much appreciated.
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Thanks Nervous Mum, yea I think I'll get them the frame Thanks sharing your own experience, your chosen godparents for your baby sound like great people :lvs
Jawl Posts: 8881
I think it's only in recent years that christening gifts have become popular/necessary. In the past, you bought the baby a gift when he/she was born and that was it. I am god mother to my nephew, I paid €200 for his buggy before he was born, then bought him a couple of outfits etc when he was born and a voucher, and for his christening I gave him a first curl/tooth silver box and some ornamental cutlery.
jamjars Posts: 1721
Wow, I would have thought the other way around. A "normal" gift when baby is born (as a lot of ppl aren't asked to be godparents until coming up the christening) and a nice keepsake for the christening. I still have the present that my GM got me so I think it's a lovely idea and not a new thing at all! Traditionally (and what I got) if it's a girl is to get a little christening bracelet (remember the ones that are almost like a bangle that wraps around each side and is adjustable) and to get it engraved. Other old gift ideas would be a silver christening cup (almost like a mini goblet, this is what my brothers got and still have) and have that engraved but check with the parents on that one as they might pick it up themselves. Congrats btw!! It's so nice to be thought so highly of!