Godparent passed away so what happens.....

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pd2 Posts: 85
Hi Girls, While im 3 years away from my little man having to make his communion, im just wondering what the story is about godparents. Do they play an part in both there communion and confirmation? My little boys godfather has passed away :o( so i was wondering does somebody else have to stand in and who would do that. Just something ive been thinking about lately. Tks for replies. :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
It doesn't have be the godparent, but can be. It can be any other person of choice. Not an expert, but I know my DH's young cousins who have different god-parents to 'stand' persons, and their godparents are living. Sorry to hear about your DS's godfather.
jezabelle Posts: 607
I'm really sorry to hear about DS Godfather. For the communion the God-Parents arent involved, unless of course you invite them to the meal etc there generally isnt enough room in the church for godparents. For the confirmation one God-Parent or a person who the child looks up to like and Aunt/Uncle, Cousin, family friend, friend, Even one of there parents or Gran Parents etc who has been confirmed (any one over 13 basically) can stand for the child, Its up to the child at the time, you'd be very surprised by the amount of confirmation kids who dont have their godparent as their person to stand for them, in my daughters class only 2 out of 32 kids are using their godparent to stand for them.
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
Yes i think its called a sponsor. I was sponsor for my nephews communion but im not his godmother so think it can be someone of choice.