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laidback Posts: 224
How did/have you decide on godparents??? Having a bit of a dilemma regarding godmother, I have 2 sisters. We got married during the summer & had both as bridesmaids, didn't say one was chief bridesmaid etc, just both equally. Now it's babytime & don't know what to do????? I think both would be equally offended without telling me. Was gonna just ask them to decide between themselves, is that really mean??? Don't have problem with gf, dh only has one brother & will have to ask him as much as he'd prefere not to. HELP!!!!
pricilla Posts: 1564
I think you can have as many Godparents as you like, so you could have his brother and both sisters if you want! Or just the 2 girls if you think the brother wouldn't want the job. What's the story with Godparents anyway, what is their role really is what I'm asking. Are they just like a special aunt or uncle for the baby? Maybe I should ask the priest :o0
laidback Posts: 224
thanks p not that the bil wouldn't want the job it kinda is a case of having to ask him, only bro, returning the fav etc, dh is gf to his lo. Ah hopefully I'll come to some arrangement with my sisters & hopefully they'll still be speaking to me :o0 :o0 :o0
fire fly Posts: 1241
I have one sister and my oh has 3 brothers, we had 3 children to make sure no one was left out ( :o0 ) We asked the eldest brother to be godfather first and went down in age. HTH
LoloOct08 Posts: 343
My 2c on this for what it's worth. My sis has 3 kids, we have one older sister. 1st child, our eldest sis is gm 2nd child, sis's sis-in-law as she was having trouble conceiving at the time, so it was a nice gesture. 3rd child, me :o)ll My sis said she wanted me for first child and is constantely apologising but I had absolutely no problem waiting for the 3rd to be gm. I'm a special aunt to all three. I'm sure you sisters will understand whoever you chose. Maybe say you picked the name out of a hat between them or like a previous poster said ask the eldest first. sorry for rambling, hope it helps a bit. :wv