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mia Posts: 963
Didn't want to post this on the ATM thread as it's gone kinda off topic but I noticed that a lot of people say they use ATMS in shops now rather than on the streets. Be careful!! The shops themselves fill the ATMs and there have been news items about people getting forged notes from these ATMS. If a shop gets forged notes then there's a better chance you won't notice them out of an ATM but you'd possible realise if you got them back in your change. It's not very easy for you to prove the notes came out of the ATM and you probably won't notice until you get stopped somewhere else. I use cashback or bank lobby ATMs, never use shop ones unless it's an emergency and I have a witness.
MrsCranberry Posts: 297
Cashback is your only man. I almost always use that. No extra queues, no hassle, its safe and super handy. Sometimes when I see huge snaking ATM queues I want to hand them all Laser application forms!