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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, I seem to have this unique child who hates going in the car!!! O:| I thought all kids loved it but our ds hates it. Now its not the seat as he'd sit in that and play away but its the car, he cries uncontrollable in it.....Has anybody experienced this, he has a mirror, toys etc in back with him but he just cries.....anybody????
Daff Posts: 11644
yeh, dd1 was like that til about 6/7 months, maybe a little longer. It was unbearable. I remember my Dad passing comment that he'd never heard such a thing, like I was making it up, so I got him in the car and showed him. Thankfully she did grow out of it and loves the car now. She's still in a rear facing car seat and is really high up and can see everything out the back window and loves just sit there looking out and smiling and waving at the lorry and bus drivers behind us!
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
babsdel - DS1 was like this. Hated the car at times - the number of times I had to pull over while driving was unbelievable. He did grow out of it, but I also found out later that Maxi cosi car seats are not great for babies with reflux (which DS1 did have and we had a Maxi Cosi car seat). If your DS has a bit of reflux this could also be part of the problem.
adelz Posts: 3088
O god Ive a few mths to go so! I literally have to try go out in the car when I get him to sleep, on rare occasions he wouldn't cry in it. Like today I came out to my parents house 20 mins away and had to stop 5 times with him!!! Its mental, I find when Im letting him cry it out Im literally getting more and more frustrated with myself, Im telling you Ill be done for speeding one of these days! :o0
adelz Posts: 3088
Yeah he has a bit of silent reflux we dont have the maxi cosi car seat, what is it about it that they dont like or hurts them? This is the one we have ... ts_id=7748 It is mad the amount of times we have to pull over but there's nothing else I can do.
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
babsdel - don't know what it is about the maxi cosi but I read/was told its positioning of the baby wasn't great for reflux. DS1 had silent reflux too, you could find it is a contributing factor.