Going on Sun holiday - any tips?

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yellow08 Posts: 104
Hi girls I will be 20 weeks when going a sun holiday soon - any tips or dos and don'ts? I know I am not to get too hot and that my skin is more prone to brown spots and blotches. Is there anything else I should know? Should I keep my tummy covered at all times or just use a high factor cream? I tan really easily and usually am comfortable in very warms temps - I love the sun and the heat. Also any do and don't with regard to food etc?
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Hi yellow, I have heard that the baby doesn't like intense light (i.e direct sunlight) so it is probably best to keep your belly covered....I am not sure from what stage LO can detect light, but if it was me, I would keep my belly covered just in case. They say that during pregnancy, particularly during the early stages, not to do anything that raises the body temperature to over 38.9 C...I know myself I love the heat.... I seem to have a very high threshold when it comes to temperature, so much so that I have a scorching hot bath... DH can't even bear to touch the water and I would lounge away in it!!! It is for this reason that I have given up baths since pregnancy. I probably would be wary in a very hot climate to spend to much time in the sun for this reason too. Just because we may love the heat, doesn't mean little babs does!!! I know you will be 20 weeks when you are away, so I am not sure what the risks are at that stage, but I wouldn't spend too much time in the sun just in case... Sorry if this is all bad news, but I just wanted to reply to your post!!! Hope you have a fab holiday :wv
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hiya, For the plane get yourself some Flight Socks and keep wiggling your toes, get up for a little stroll once an hour (you'll have to go to the loo anyway!). For the holiday you'll need a higher sun factor than normal, you'll be more prone to burning (something to do woth melanin levels). Drink lots of water. Things to avoid on holiday are the same as here, soft cheeses, shellfish etc. Me and the hubbie went away for 5 days when I was 24 weeks pregnant and I have lovely memories of our little holiday! Have a lovely time!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Hi Yellow08, I'm just back from a week in Spain at 20 weeks. I really love the heat and tan easily, but be warned you definitely need a higher factor than normal - I never burn but got my shoulders burnt on the first day!!! I also found the heat quite hard to take and normally I love it... so drink plenty of water and something I found really great was a tin of Magicool... It's a spray you can get in any chemist and maybe even the supermarket - you just spray it on your face or body and it cools you down immediately.. I kept my bump covered when I was away and didn't really spend any time lying in the sun to be honest (stayed under a parasol), but not sure what the requirements really are at this stage.. it was just too hot for me in the sun at 38 degrees.... HTH :wv
eadaoinfar2 Posts: 19
I'd be the same. I would definitely keep the tummy covered. i would be totally paronoid about damaging the baby, drink loads & good sun factor. Enjoy the break.