Going public but with semi private accom holles street

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desperate4bfp Posts: 316
Has anyone done the above? I'm pregnant with no 2 and was completely shocked to see that the consultants fees are now 900 for semi private!!!!! I had a very hard labour on the first but really not sure I can warrant paying 900 when you most likely won't even have your consultant when you're in labour, last time I had a registrar who was amazing
Bm10 Posts: 296
Hi Desperate, I don't know about Holles Street but in UHG you can't go public and opt for semi-private accomodation. There was a bit on my admissions form where you tick for public/private/semi-private etc and it stated that you could not opt for either private or semi private accomodation if you were going to be a public patient. Ring the admissions until in Holles Street tomorrow and check maybe. Good luck with the rest of the Pg :-) Kx
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I went public with Holles St (did DOMINO), but when I had to stay in one night they put me in a semi-private ward. I didn't request it however, so I suppose I just got what was going!
Daff Posts: 11644
my semi private ward had 5 beds, I don't think one more will make much a difference so going public this time though the midwives clinic in HS. By the time you pay for scan too it's over 1k!!! :ooh so going to use some of that for private scans instead. I was lucky last time though, I was home 19 hours after DD was born and hoping for same again this time.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
HS dont do semi private on admission anymore. I am going public this time round as I would rather put the €1000 to unpaid leave after babs comes. On number 2 fingers crossed I will be out after one night as is the norm on second. Couldnt justify a grand for that. Didnt even see a doctor for the whole delivery last time and was spc. Midwives do all the work!
desperate4bfp Posts: 316
Just to let you know that it's not possible to do this, which I think is stupid but anyway I have decided to go public cos I really don't think I can bring myself to pay that money...... It's ridiculous seeing that only 3 years ago it was only 250 euro!!!!
love struck Posts: 1125
desperate4bfp I had my last two LO semi in Holles Street, on my 1st I had a semi private room from the beginning.. On the 2nd they had no semi private room till the following day, I gave birth at 3am so they moved me to a public ward until the afternoon.. There was 10 beds on the ward they squeezed 2 extra into the normal ward of 8 as it was sooo busy and I really felt uncomfortable on the ward tbh.. The care on SP is ok, you only see the midwives occasionally, and with extra beds on public and with the same amount of midwives hardly saw them, had to scream nearly for pain relief. Found out I was pregnant awhile pack so again decided wanted SP so going SP when I found about the charges enquired about the idea which you mentioned but they said this is not an option. For me I am still going semi private the 900euro for me, two good nights rest is important before I head home to 2 other babies.. I have heard some of the public wards have between 8-10beds its really a personal choice for me, I just prefer less beds..
desperate4bfp Posts: 316
I would much prefer less beds as well but have recently lost my job and just dont think I can afford the 900 when I will need to buy so much stuff soon enough :( but :) as well hopefully the gods will be on my side and it won't be too busy ...... Fingers crossed anyway :)