going rate for a vintage car???

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traybe Posts: 217
hey I really want to get a vintage car for my wedding, just wondering what the going rate is, i've been on a few websites not many of them vintage cars though :o( so haven't been able to get many prices. if anyone know of any sites also could u let me kno thankin you :thnk O-O
Milly2008 Posts: 537
Hi - most of the cars you see on websites are vintage style Kit Cars as they are more reliable (or so they say) We book our Beauford back in Feb this year for our wedding next August. Found it hard to book the colour that we wanted. We wanted the Charcoal and Silver Beauford with a silver Merc as they second car. Total cost is €1,000 - booking deposit of €200 and then €300 at Christmas and the balance on the day. This is with AT&T Chauffeurs. Dixons in Dundalk were running out cheaper but the colour we wanted was already booked. They also do the second car - they have black Mercs. Hope this gives you an idea. :wv
MrsW07 Posts: 115
We're having an Austin Princess and a Daimler Consort for €565 for both *) We're hiring ours from the Gorey Wedding Car company, they've been fantastic from Day 1 and I cant wait to travel in the car on the day!
gizzy Posts: 59
Hi Treyby! (Richard Lawler Ph 623 0093 or 087 2189387). I booked the Vintage Bus with them on Saturday at the wedding fair in the RDS. I've quite a big bridal party so thought it would be cool. It looks really good! It seats up to 14 people and comes fully decked out with champers too... Anyway, they had some fab vintage cars at the show too so maybe check them out! Very reasonable too - 500euro! Also just looked through my stuff that I got on Saturday and found a leaflet for Vintage Rolls Royce Wedding Hire, contact E & S Services, they're based in Wicklow and their email address is phone: 286 0709 Hope that helps!
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
every quote I got for this year was €450, mine is actually costing €430 this is it! [img:38zzjxsv]http://www.limousinesireland.com/stg/userupload/site1161/vintage_bentley_s2_2.jpg[/img:38zzjxsv]
mtv Posts: 935
im in cork got a quote for 360€. you pay half as deposit and the rest on the wedding day. that price is for a vintage car similar to the picture posted above.
gizzy Posts: 59
just reading my post back it looks like I said 500 was reasonable for a car, I meant the vintage bus cost 500 ... not sure what the cars cost! Love the pic of your car hunky dorey! Do you think its weird that h2b and myself go on the bus with the bridal party? our venue is about 45min drive from church and we've to stop on way for photos so just thought the bus would be a good idea but my mum now thinks me and h2b should get our own car but that's just more money! what do you think?? it's not like its a mini bus, it is a vintage bus so looks great - oh I dont know!! Sorry for hijacking post !!
spuddy1 Posts: 212
[img:1id7orl7]http://www.getawayweddingcars.com/images/gallery10_thumb.jpg[/img:1id7orl7] I got mine for 450 its a packard presidential, got it with Getawaycars in Galway
ellywelly Posts: 38
I booked an ivory Daimler last night for 360 Euros from a firm in north Cork