going to GP tomorrow

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Beaubelle Posts: 741
Am so nervous....Am going to the GP for confirmation of BFP tomorrow morning....Don't know what to expect. Am so scared he will say that I'm not pregnant, even after 5 positive HPT..... What will he do tomorrow?...Is it just a repeat urine sample or does he get the ball rolling with hospitals, bloods etc??? Can't stop worrying...Would love to hear what happens.
cat in the hat Posts: 120
when i was pg GP just confirmed pregnancy, calculated due date, did blood pressure, pulse weight and talked me through options for antenatal care.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I'm a bad person to answer this as in UK right now, but know from reading on here that preg test results may come back negative if it's not long since your AF due date. This is because the pregnancy tests in the doctors are not as sensitive as the ones you do yourself... Other WOLs might be able to give you more details. CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Doyled Posts: 20
Hi My gp did another urine test, took bp, pulse and weighed me. She also went through all the antenatal options and gave me letter for sp clinic and the form for the combined care scheme. Don't worry - once you get a bfp on a home pregnancy test you are definitely pregnant - the gp ones aren't as sensitive as the ones like first response etc. Relax and don't worry to much - enjoy the moment! Congrats
phananta Posts: 330
I was a bit disappointed with my first doctors appt. I don't know what I expected, them to throw a party for me maybe :-8 , but I had to virtually beg for them to do a pregnancy test, which proved inconclusive as they are less sensitive as the op said. They did take a urine sample and blood sample, and sent off forms to hospital (CUMH) for me. But I think whether they do this or give you the forms to do yourself depends on the GP. All in all it wasn't the concrete confirmation I was looking for, so I bought a digital CB test on the way home (the one that tells you how far gone you are) and did that and that gave me much more comfort! :-8 Good luck! :wv
Babystar Posts: 195
Congrats. Good luck with the doctor. My doctor didn't do another test at all (and I believe a lot of them don't). If you have got a BFP on the home tests then you are definitely pregnant. She just said congratulations, gave me some advice on what not to eat, took blook pressure, did a urine sample to check for infections. And gave me a form to sign for free GP visits while pregnant. She also asked what hospital I wanted to go for a whether I was interested in private/ semi-private or public. May be worth thinking about that in advance. (the private consultants get booked up quickly so you need to call asap if you're interested in that option)
leopardess Posts: 906
congrats :o)ll my doc didn't bother with test a i waited until i was 8 weeks to see her. she did blood pressure, filled out form for maternity care number, gave me a combined care card and sent me to nurse for bloods! dont know when im supposed to see her again as combined care card says 24 weeks so i guess thats it! good luck with your app, if you are in very early stages your doc will prob do preg test to confirm. but try not to worry hpt are reliable especially when you have done 5!!