Going to hotel: What 2 ask?

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Gnomie Posts: 676
Hi, I'm getting married in a few weeks and my h2b and I are meeting up with the man who does the catering in the hotel tomorrow. He seems to be the general person to ask everything of too though. (If he's not I'm sure he'll tell me!) Just wondering, is there anything in particular I should ask? The florist told me to ask about the flowers on the table that the cake is put on. I have to ask about the cake stand. The timetable for the day... Anything else? Thanks in advance :thnk :thnk
aoifem79 Posts: 475
Hi not near as close as you to the day so best of luck but a friend just mentioned check with them that your speech times are ok with them. Also check how man waiters/waitresses they will have per table as two few and by the time the last guest is served the first of the tables foofd is cool. These are just things people have said toe me
scotswedding Posts: 2829
Price lists- drinks, reception, meal, wine, corkage (if poss), afters food, minimum numbers if room hire extra discount on rooms for your guests number of hotel rooms time for meal/ speeches who deals with weddings in hotel will you be dealing with same person throughout is bridal suite f.o.c what extras do they offer they're looking for your custom and I'm sure you have a choice of hotels so see what all they can do for you...