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mrsodo Posts: 1292
I have found a dress in Dublin, but I can get the same one for about 500 euro cheaper in Belfast. I'm a little nervous about going to a store I don't know anything about, has anybody else gone up north for their dress? The store is Jean Millar Bridal, has anybody any feedback about this store? Thanks :wv
floozie Posts: 34
Would it be worth mentioning this to shop here? If you could get them down closer to sterling price might be handier for you when it comes to fittings etc.?
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi Floozie, actually thats a good idea. The other thing though is that the lady in the belfast store said I would get the dress in 4 months, as opposed to 6 months here in Dublin. I'm getting married in early sept, so 6 months might be tight with alterations etc. I go to Belfast regularly for work, so it's not too inconvenient for me. I'll give the store in Dublin a ring anyhow, if they match the price it would be less hassle. Thanks :thnk
floozie Posts: 34
No harm at all. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I know Sharon Hoey is quite openly matching sterling at the moment (on UK designers only mind you), so worth quoting that to the Dublin shop as well.
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi Floozie, will do. The dress I want is from a UK designer as well, so it would be great if they matched the sterling price too. Thanks a mill!
the chick Posts: 30
Hi Jujubeans i am in the same boat!! saw beautiful dress in nenagh and now can get it for at least 600euro chepaer by getting it up north. i think its well worth it!! especially if you are stuck for time a bit, i think its the way to go but i know myself that i am worried about something going wrong and missing out on the dress but just going to make sure i have colour, design and all details right before ordering up north. Dont know the shop. mine is Isobel Love and the girl is so helpful, know anything of that shop anyone???good luck with it Juju!
emma1980 Posts: 2219
alot of shops are selling at the equivalent of the sterling RRP, ive heard of a few including sharon hoey, perfection bridal and a few others. i shop alot in newry, but wud def ring around the southern bridal shops O-O
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Thanks Emma, going to do a ring around tomorrow. Fingers crossed I'll find a store that will match the sterling price!
stephyb Posts: 1439
LOL it's so odd coming on to this website as most are from southern ireland. Jean Miller is one of the best known bridal stores in northern ireland. It's been here since the year of dot. It's where i got my wedding dress lol. What i will say is phone ahead for an appointment and don't go on a saturday they're sooooo busy on saturdays, also they're closed wednesdays.
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Thanks Mrsmeow, good to know they are well established. Will definitely phone ahead if I'm going up. thx