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weektee Posts: 468
My h2b's brother and his gf were due their baby last wednesday... myself and h2b are going to be godparents and im so happy!! We offered to get them something big for the baba but they said they have everything they need at the mo, they have a teeny wee apartment and hope to move soon so could they take us up on our offer in a couple of months! but we want to get them something in the meantime... any ideas? is there a "done thing" with godparents, anything we should get them or not? help!! thanks xx
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
You could always offer to mind baby for a night or two when mammy feels up to going out or you could get them a weekend end away together she must think good of you both to be picked as godparents,babies do get lots of stuff including things they grow out of to quickly so i would hold on to buy something for him/her
imeldaquirke Posts: 28
that is such a good idea Mrs. SB! I would never have thought of offering babysitting services but now that I'm expecting that is exactly the sort of thing I hope people offer us!
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
I know i have four kids and my sisters between them have 7 so for birthdays and occasion like that instead of paying a small fortune on prezzies we all offer our services.we all get at least 1 weekend or week away in the year just on our own no kids/no hassle or worries,I dont think there is any better gift than knowing you can take a break and your kids are being very well looked after.And having fun with cousins.