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mrsryan2be Posts: 231
Hi, I'd like to buy a book for newborn or babies, to help me with getting them into sleep pattern, food info and all that stuff!! Any recommendations?
lilytiger Posts: 536
I found "the secrets of the baby whisperer"by Tracy Hogg very good. I like her EASY plan and found it quite a sensible routine for us. E stands for eating, A stands for activity, S is for sleep and the the Y is your time while baby sleeps. That said, it's definitely a good few weeks before you can try implement some sort of routine which I'm sure you know, but it's no harm to have the ideas in your head. She does give a few good tips about the 7 mile stare (not sure if thats what she calls it but refers to baby staring off into space and what it means) and also the shush pat method of calming a crying baby. I found it a very interesting read but nowhere near as strict as I've heard about the Gina Ford routine which i never would have followed properly as I've a bit of a go with the flow attitude.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I would second Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. I like her flexible approach and she is much more about learning to get to know your baby as a little person and how to interpret their cries and behaviour so you can meet their needs. The EASY routine worked very well for my DS and much of it was common sense. It's all about respecting baby's personality without being a slave to baby and also making time for yourself.
browz Posts: 256
id recommend a book called "your baby, week by week" by simone cave and dr caroline fertleman. Got it in easons. It gives you a weekly rundown on what you can expect and how much sleep, food, etc they need. I found it great.
mrsryan2be Posts: 231
thanks ladies! :wv
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
+1 for Your Baby Week by Week. Friend gave if me when LO was 6 weeks and things just started to make a lot of sense. Have Secrets of Baby Whisperer but haven't finished it.