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Shaunce Posts: 65
Good day: Mum went shopping this morning and found what I had described that I wanted for my favours but better for 50p. I had never even seen them and they had been reduced from £5 each to 50p each in the clearance sale :D I know its early to get them but at that price how could I not! Bad day: Got out of work where my h2b said he had called the shop where my ring was being sized and they told him that despite saying it would be ready for the 15th jan it would most likely be another month on top of that...AT LEAST! Think I may return the ring and get a different one from a different shop because they have just runied the whole start of it. [complained about this before when I found out it would be the 15th, but I just found out its gonne be another month again at least and I needed a rant...rant now over]
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Thats ridiculous >:o( I got mine resized TWICE and it was back both times within a few days..that's really just want it there to show it off to everybody :o( xx
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
That's a shame about your ring, BUT, don't rush in to looking for another one just because you have to wait for this one to be sized. You obviously chose this particular one for good reasons, so what if you don't find another you like as much?? I was engaged years and years and years (repeat lots of times!!) ago to an ex, and got the ring I did for much the same reason as you - because I could get it there and then. Big mistake - as was the relationship, but that's another story!! I always felt we rushed into buying it. Every time I look at the ring my husband bought me, on my finger beside my wedding band, I smile inside So take a deep breath or five and think about how you felt when you saw your ring for the first time. It's only one month and then you'll have it for the rest of your life.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Resizing definitely shouldn't take that long. A couple of days at least. Got my E-ring resized twiced also only took a few days. However I have diamonds on my wedding ring and when I ordered it it did take almost 2 months to get. They said it was because they to resit the stones to fit the band properly, maybe they have to do that with yours? I know you're dying to show it off though so was I. I'm still showing off my w-ring now
Shaunce Posts: 65
He actually choose the ring himself and had it when he proposed [and it was just what I would have picked] but I know I can get the almost exact same ring in another shop who have the ring size in stock so I will have it to take away. I would love to be able to wait it out and have that ring but I just dont want anything to do with the shop he got it from anymore. They told him it would take 2 days when he paid for it, then as soon as they hadthe money they were rude and horrible and didnt wanna help. The tears I have shed over it, its not what I should be thinking about. Hmmm. Feel a bit lost now. Thanks for all your help though <3
sonopotere Posts: 1124
forget bout the bad news, leave it behind!tell us more about your favours?!think of the good stuff! what are they? any pics?!