good detox???

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poppins007 Posts: 269
Hi girls,im looking for a good detox ever since xmas feel like crap,tired,sluggish etc have big black circles under eyes and no amount of sleep will get rid of them!drink too much tea so am going to switch to green tea and cut down on it but after that dont know where to start.Any ideas or suggests girls?thanks :wv
Tree Posts: 87
Hi Popplins007 I have the Gillian McKeith Book - You are what you eat - Ill look that up and get back to you on it tomorrow! But I think most detoxes generally involve cutting out meat, dairy, sugar, salt and drinking loads of water. I did a 1 day one years ago which involved just drinking juice (as in home made juice using a juicer) and herbal teas. Was harder than it sounds cos you do really miss food!
poppins007 Posts: 269
hi ya would be hard but hopfully worth it in end.would find day with out food hard and tea. :wv
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
hi poppins007, I'm not on a detox as such, just back on WW, have managed to loose nearly half a stone in a few weeks. I'm doing lemon juice in hot water most mornings & taking Milk Thistle both of which are supposed to help detox your liver & kick start your metabolism. I feel good, certainly more alert than I was, also my hangovers aren't as bad as they used to be :o0 happy days indeed Try upping the amount of plain water you drink too, once your body gets used to it, its a doddle, 1st while tho you may need to be running to the ladies more often than normal.
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
Exactly what tree said : cutting out meat, dairy, sugar, salt and drinking loads of water. You could go to a health food shop and get a detox tonic to take as well. I did a 5 day one last year, bear in mind though it is not as easy as you think, you get very tired and sluggish from it and your not really meant to exercise either as your body is healing itself from the inside out. I have to say though, at the end of the five days I felt fantastic and it was well worth it but like I said above I found it very hard to stay off all though things (probably cause I love all the bad foods :o0 )
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
I take the lemon in lukewarm water every morning and find it brilliant... Can I ask what is Milk Thistle :wv
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
Hey Trixy, I was taking the lemon in water for a few weeks but I didn't notice a difference, maybe I was looking for the wrong signs, can I ask what sort of a notice you see? milk thistle is normally taken a few days before you go out drinking :hic Its meant to protect your liver and apparantly prevent hangovers (don't know how true the second one is though)
clear Posts: 34
I finished a really good detox yesterday as well as feeling much better I lost 5lb.. i was feeling the exact same as you - sluggish no energy etc. This detox was delivered to me food cooked & frozen so no hassle with cooking. I can pm you details if you like? I always start my day with lemon and hot water - I find it helps to "flush" everything out in the mornings!
poppybride Posts: 20
clear, do you mind PM me the details of that detox, could really do with it, thanks
clear Posts: 34
[quote="poppybride":3v4x5aap]clear, do you mind PM me the details of that detox, could really do with it, thanks[/quote:3v4x5aap] Poppybride, have just sent you PM