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christmasfairy Posts: 56
Can anyone reccomend a good face moisturiser? Thanks!!
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i've always sworn by oil of ulay. Works as well as if not better than all the fancy schmancy ones from the department stores.
Sugababe* Posts: 988
I have recently started using The Body Shop Vitamin E day moisturiser and i have to say i have never gotten such great results from a cream,and i used to spend a s**tload on Clinique and the like and this one is only around €10!! I swear girls its great and i would have fairly problematic skin but this has sorted it out and it gives you a lovely healthy complexion which i never had from bad acne when younger and sun damage. I also use the Oil of Olay Total Effects night cream its in a black box its great too!! :wv
mad woman Posts: 22106
depends on your skin type, I've got combination so I use ROC Hydra+Mat, love it.
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
I use Decleor! Find it great esp in the winter when I have the heater going mad in the car. My face gets all dry and horrible.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I use the Lancome aqua something - find it excelant !
feb007bride Posts: 153
Hiya. Well i went for my first 'pre-wedding' facial on Friday and she converted me to the Dermalogica range. Ended up spending a fortune on 'the basics' (as she called them). Up to then I was using Number 7 but she made me look into one of those ultra violet mirrors and my god I looked horrendous. I know they make you look fairly scarey and that's probably whe ploy to make you buy the expensive creams and I'm a sucker ha so I went for it. I must say though i'm finding the stuff really good since i've started using it. I'll stick with it for a while anyway and see if its worth the extra money :wv
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
im using the skin smoothing cream by dermalogica, im usually oily but with heating in car and bad weather my skin isnt in the best of shape, so far so good with dermalogica, i love the cleansing gel too.
Ebby Posts: 3042
Clinique is great. if you go the counter, the girls will give you one to match your exact skin type. I love it :lvs
kazh Posts: 462
I personally found clinique really bad, really suffered from breakouts on my cheeks. When I sought advice I was told that it is full of perfumes so sensitive skins should stay away. Now I never even thought of my skin as sensitive! I am now using dermalogica and am finding it great, really feel my skin is squeeky clean when I've cleansed (dermal clay one). My break outs have stopped although still get odd hormonal spot but who doesn't. My beautician said the one closest to dermalogica anda bit cheaper is botanics range at boots. Hope this helps :wv