Good Halloween ideas/games for kids?

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mad woman Posts: 22106
anyone got any suggestions for me?
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
Do you ever carve pumpkins with them?
mad woman Posts: 22106
no, but will put that on my list..thanks.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Bobbing for apples in a basin with water or collecting money coins with your mouth from a basin of water. Like the pumpkin idea I tried it,its quite hard and maybe make some choc/toffee apples with hundreds & thousands sprinkled on them.
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
[quote="Ohsohappybride":1glcwrqf]Do you ever carve pumpkins with them?[/quote:1glcwrqf] I did this last year for the first time and we all enjoyed doing it! The pumpkins look great with a few tealight candles inside them. I sat mine on a bucket in the porch.
mad woman Posts: 22106
great ideas girlies, really appreciate...keep them coming!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Do your kids like col-cannon(sp)?ITs yummy with mash and a fried egg on top :-8 sounds vile buts its lovely.Wrap some euro's in tin foil or cling film and hide it in it. Yummy coconuts are out now too...I love them!
mad woman Posts: 22106
na they wont eat it dolly, the older one does be nearly vomiting when shes given a tablespoon of potats!! I know its great at halloween at the nice fruit is otu.
minnieminx Posts: 249
:o)ll Oh Mrs MW i go all out for hallows just love it. i Decorate the house, we do about 4 pumpkins every year dead easy to do and kids love them stick a candle in the middle and there really freaky. I have a party for everyone and mam dresses up as a witch. Games.. Basin- water, apples,, money,lollipops-they will love this Flour tower- flour on a plate (tipped out of round pudding bowl) with cherry on top- each child slices away some flour and who ever knocks the cherry gets there head dunked. String from the ceiling- Tie the apple on and arms behind the back winner takes a bite. Great craic for the adults too :o0 Treasure hunt - Weather permitting hide sweets in the back garden and send them out keep them going for ages. Hope this helps and enjoy.
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
Hi, We had a small party last year and we played some of the old favourites: Fill up a bowl with rice krispies (soggy is best with red food dye.. they think it's mashed up brains, well that's what we tell them.. lol) and then hide some fake eyeballs, teeth, spiders etc.. Then blindfold the kids and tell them there's a really good surprise in the bowl for them if they can find it.. the look on their faces when they find eyeballs is hillarious!! Make some red jelly and before it sets hide some treats in it, then before you start the game of "Find The Treat" break the jelly into a small bowl of cold water and using the same principle as above get the kids to find the treats, but don't let them see what's in the bowl!! Cover the top of the bowl so they cant see what's in it and then tell them when their hand is already in the bowl that they are looking for the hiden treasure in a bowl of guts... but this does depend on the age of the kids... mine is 8yrs old and loves this type of stuff! We also made cookies and stuff the day before halloween Here is a link to a good website that has recipies and games, check them out and see how it goes!! I hope this is of some help to you! Best of Luck & Happy Halloween!! Tinker Bell *)