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maemay Posts: 45
Hi girls/guys, Im wondering if any of you can offer a completely imcompetant/clueless (when it comes to tax/PRSI/PAYE/revenue) person some advice, I am currently filling out my maternity benefit form. I have worked in my job since 2008, stared 5 days a week, then was put on a three day week in April of 2009 and now since Nov 2010 am down to a 2 day week albeit continous employment, I have not applied for any sort of Job Seekers/Social Welfare payments, would I be entitled to Maternity Benefit? I work in a very small establishment, the bookeeper has just left, my boss will sign anything I need him to as long as he doesnt have to figure out the PRSI stuff as he doesn't know, we are in the process of getting another bookeeper at the moment, basically ther are two questions under the employer section on the form that I would struggle to answer I am going to head on into my local CIC this week and have a chat.How helpful are the Citizens Information Centres?, would they be able to answer these questions if I bring in my p60's, I have been working since Sept 2008 surely I should be entitled to something??
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Yes you would definatly be entitled to MB, you'd be better off ringing your local social welfare office and they will tell you how much you will get a week. Thats what I did anyway, I had claimed some social welfare in the year they based it on (not sure was it last year or year before) and im still entitled to 200 and something a week MB, and Ive only been working 14 hours a week the past 2 years or so.
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
you should ring the maternity benefit section, I rang them on a query i had and they are were helpful. They maybe able to help if not then ring social welfare as MrsDCee suggested.