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excitedfor2010 Posts: 336
Hiyas I would really love to start saving but there are so many accounts out there its hard to know which one to choose. I was looking on its your money and looks like ulster bank is good at 4%, is this good or are there better? Thanks
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
We save with the Credit Union. I like the idea of not putting any money into those banks! Plus, there's less temptation to spend it since you have to physically go in to withdraw cash. As well as that, they're very good at giving out low interest loans if you're stuck. We just set up a direct debit from our account that comes out at the same time every month.
gunadeas Posts: 143
Hello,We save with the credit union as well and I find them great.I prefer to deal with them instead of the banks...
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
wealso save with our CU, we both have Direct Debits set up just after pay day & find it great
carof Posts: 171
the website is brilliant for that stuff. They have an up to date list of what banks have the best rates.. the link is
DipDab Posts: 1172
We opened up a rabo direct account to save for the wedding. It had the best rates at the time but i'm not sure what the current ones are.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
We are starting to save now with the Credit Union. They are friendly and it is easier to get a loan from them if you are a regular saver. I also like how you havent got a ATM card you are less likely to "borrow" from the savings.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
i dont think the interest is that great thou in the credit union, if thats what you're looking for. ulster bank seems to be the best demand account
scoutf Posts: 667
I have an ulster bank online savings account. Its great cos you can only access it or pay into it online so I treat it in many ways like a slush fund. If I have something like 301.62 in my current account I transfer the 1.62 to keep it all evened out and the interest is good.
bobbyjoe Posts: 395
Some credit unions gave little or no interest on savings last year and i would imagine this year will be the same. Have a look at BOI dual saver that gives 4% on savings up to €5,000 i think - then the money is moved to a lump sum balance and you can start saving at 4% again on new savings (hope that makes sense). I'm sure the other banks have similar options. I do have a credit union account also but dont pay much into it at the moment as not getting the return on it. Also watch CU's for their interest rates on loans...they are not always as good as you might think - have been stung before! Always compare current rates