Good pregnancy books for me and dads??

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RoseDawson Posts: 1494
Hi girls, I am going to order a few books today. My sis has "What to expect when your expecting" so when i tell her the news i can get that off her. Any other recommendations, would also like to get something for hubby.
babog1981 Posts: 349
My hubbie bought Pregnancy for Men, The Whole 9 Months by Mark Woods and loves it. Hope that helps
elsiemay Posts: 60
Obviously not a book, but is a really good website for dads to be.
ninja next Posts: 1548
I got a loan of WTEWYE and its excellent, I recomend the free app as well. My husband got "The irish dads survival guide" & finds it great
wustywabbit Posts: 65
Agree with Ninja I got OH the Irish Dads Survival Guide and he loves it! The What to Expect App is definitely worth downloading but I found the book a bit much and stopped reading after a few days; the app condenses it nicely and anything else can be found through Google but that might be just me!
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Did anyone get round to reading What Not to Expect When Expecting by Zoe Williams yet? It came out a tad late for me so I haven't but I'd recommend it based on her general take on things.