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hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Anyone got any good sites to buy maternity clothes online? Had a look at the New Look site and got all excited until I realised they don't deliver to Ireland :o(
Pumpernickle Posts: 206 I've used all of the above sites and found them all very good....
Emme Posts: 4735
Just got stuff from and asos, very happy with both!
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Cool, thanks for those! Will check them out. Have been asked to be godmother in a couple of months time, so want to get something nice, but I'll be about 5 months at that stage, so I'm presuming I'll have a bit of a bump and my normal clothes just won't cut it! Quite looking forward to buying maternity clothes actually ... up until now I've been looking for all my "fat" clothes at the back of the wardrobe to accommodate the flabby tummy! :-8
HoneyBee1973 Posts: 795
Hi there hopingforsoon, I got tops from Pennys in bigger sizes which lasted me up until the end. I'm normally a size 12 and I bought size 16 jumpers which lasted me to the end. I bought size 18 nighties and Vests. I got one size 18 jumper which I used in my last week. It was £7 so well worth it. I will say though that it is worth buying one or two "good" tops. I bought the black ruched polo neck on It was expensive but I got so many wears out of it, it was perfect to put on with jeans/trousers and a chunky necklace for a night out. Really easy to dress up and I felt like it made me look smaller, it was really flattering. I am still wearing it now, one month after my baby was born. Because it is gathered along the seams it expands as you need it so will last the 9 months and beyond. Register on the site and wait until you get a special offer e-mail. They send them out every couple of weeks with a code to get 10 or 15% off. HTH. :wv
Emomc Posts: 2069
HoneyBee, I want to stock up on some nightties for hopsital. I am noramlly a 10-12-thought I would get away with a 14 at the most. Is an 18 from Penneys not gi-normous???? This is my first baby so maybe I am being optimistic!
HoneyBee1973 Posts: 795
Hi Emomc, I am (or was!) the same size as you, but I packed on 2 stone when I was pregnant - my bump was huge for my little frame. Size 16 nighties were fine, but I went for a size 18 for hospital. They were huge, but you will be examined all the time and you need a big tent of a nightie imo! As for the tops, I bought size 18 vests to get the length because size 16 didnt cover my bump and tuck into my trousers. I bought size 16 jumpers which covered the bump nicely. The t-shirts I got were swimming on my shoulders but I needed that size in order to get the length. Penneys isnt always the best quality so I find there is loads of variation between sizes. As long as you try on in the shop you will be grand. Its a great place to get clothes that you will only need for a short while during pregnancy. Hope this helps. :wv
sharond Posts: 13
I like (i see they are doing some sexy lingerie sets now - didnt know there was such a thing for pregnant women!!) & i also like
Emomc Posts: 2069
Thanks Honeybee, will def be checking out Penneys. I will probably light a large fire and burn it all afterwards (I hope!), then again we do intend to have at least one more baby so maybe I will put them into a black bag in the attic :o0 I have a stone on already so getting bigger by the week/day. Comfort is the most imortant thing