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mayday1 Posts: 219
Hi Has anyone heard these recently? The Dublin based band I mean. Anyone have any feedback? Thanks :wv
Merlot x Posts: 101
Have them booked for my wedding and think they are great. have you checked out their website!!!
Junewife07 Posts: 276
had them for mine in June 07 and my sis has them booked for hers in April 09. They were brilliant and very easy to deal with Enjoy!!!
redjen Posts: 134
I heard them @ a wedding recently & they were great the dance floor was full all nite :o)ll :o)ll go for it...... :wv
Truckersb2b Posts: 406
we have them booked for ours went to see them twice THEY ARE BRILL.... really nice guys and can knock the craic outta them they didnt do the song we wanted for our first dance so they learnt it especially............GO FOR IT YOU WONT GET BETTER......... :wv
mayday1 Posts: 219
Thanks everyone, organising our wedding from abroad and so won't get a chance to hear them for a while but don't want to risk the chance that they will get booked on our date as i've heard such good reviews . . Deposit paid :o)ll
Truckersb2b Posts: 406
you wont be let down. these guys know their stuff. Fair play... :wv
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
We booked them for our wedding too. I think they are great. You can look at videos of them on their website too...
mayday1 Posts: 219
Hi Girls Just back in Ireland and went to see Goodfella's at a wedding last night . . FANTASTIC!! Thanks for all the advice . .so glad we've booked them X
Milly2008 Posts: 537
I have them booked for my wedding too - went to hear them play last yeat and they were really good. It's great to hear feedback from other people too. Good luck with the planning.