Gordon D'arcy and Aoife Coogan Married!

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FrenchToast Posts: 433
So what do you think of the dress? I think it's pretty, very different but suits her. Not too fond of the side book that's going on though, bit too revealing for a church wedding. I don't really get the head piece either, her hair is lovely though. Congrats to them theou, he's a lovely guy. Have met him a good few times, he had a major crush on my friend. [attachment=0:1uv0kmyx]531332_10151088905172959_714288881_n.jpg[/attachment:1uv0kmyx]
Anahita Posts: 1161
She looks fab, so does he, but I dont't like it for a wedding. It suits her so well though, but I think she just looks like shes at a function not her own wedding.
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
I agree skinnymini. I love the look, but not for a wedding. She is gorgeous, and hes not bad himself :o0
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Going to disagree Ladies, I think the whole "ensomble" is horrific :eek I wouldn't even wear it to a fancy dress party
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
I think she looks nice, no idea who she is so don't know her style but it's pretty. Don't see any side boob either btw.
strawberries1 Posts: 1245
At last Alsgal12 someone who agrees with me! I posted how I hated the dress and headpiece on another thread here on Wol but everyone else is raving about.
bondijunction Posts: 805
God I dont like it at all. Very strange :eek Ok I kinda take it back, seen another view of the dress and its lovely on her. Nice to have a different dress.
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
[quote="bondijunction":2zc6nz4n]Nice to have a different dress.[/quote:2zc6nz4n] Different= good Star Wars meets Spartacus= bizarre :o0 I'd love to have the balls to wear somethin different alright but my style is clearly very different to Ms Coogans'!
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I havent a bog who either of them are although his name sounds familiar. Dont like her dress/hair/headpiece at all. Rotten. They look very happy though.
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
Hes a rugby player. I seen Khloe Kardashian (love to hate em) wearing one and I thought it was horrific. :yelrotflmaosmilie: Star Wars meets Spartacus= bizarre Yup different is not always better/good.